Monday, February 02, 2009


It's no secret to anyone that I would very much like to own a Singer treadle. I do already have one which is in quite a simple cabinet, but the one I covet lives in an ornate cabinet with the three drawers on each side, pretty carving ... you know the one.

I'm sure the reason behind my yearning is from my childhood and I probably need therapy *lol*. I guess I was a little younger than Amy, and my Puppa who knew that I loved to sew found a treadle in a country clearing sale and bought it for me. I think it was around $20.00. It lived at my grandparents home for a while - I imagine it wasn't an easy thing to get home in my parents car - and every time I visited, I'd love spending time poring through all the vintage sewing notions in the drawers and dreaming of the day it would live with me. One day I visited and was horrified to find the treadle missing - but Puppa was so proud - some guy had offered him $50.00 for it, and he took it - he'd made a great deal!

And so life goes on ... yesterday my FIL visited with something he'd found in his shed, and he thought I'd like them. Some treadle cabinet drawers. I don't know their history, or how he came upon them, but I'm sure I can do something nice with them.

Later after FIL had gone, Marty looked over the drawers and joked with me ... "You'll get your treadle honey ... you're just getting it one piece at a time!"


AverettLadyNana said...

I feel your pain!!!

My mother's father's mother had a treadle which I learned to sew on. My Daddy fixed it up so it would work. She died when I was 2-1/2. My mother's mother's mother left me her treadle. I never sewed on it but have vivid memories of her sewing on it telling me one day it would be mine.

Both ended up at my mother's house. I went to college, moved out, got home of my own, didn't have room for them. But would get them when I did.

I go home and my mother was so PROUD...she had someone take off the machine and all the wood cabinet leaving the metal sides and treadle and put a slab of marble on top for a table.

I literally started crying hysterically. How on earth could she do that??? Well Uncle Jim did it and everyone thought it was great...yes, he found one on his farm that flowed down the mountain in the flood. The machine and cabinet were ruined, broken to bits and unrepairable.

I now have both in my home. Of course she ruined the one that Daddy had fixed and ran like a charm. I hope one day, I'll find someone who can get the one I have with the machine and cabinet up and running. The cabinet isn't as pretty...nor the machine. And Lord only knows what she did with the accessories that were there....but not when we cleaned out her house.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh these are gorgeous! I"ve been looking for some. I want to make a cabinet out of them. Have you seen those? Where you take 2 or 3 sets of drawers and put a top on it for a drawer cabinet? Anyway, these are wonderful! I do have my grandma's treadle, but my dad put a HUGE hole in the cabinet when he brought it over to me. That makes me so sad. But he had to fight his sisters over it for me.

Simple Home said...

Pretty drawers. I have a treadle story too. My mom sewed on one when I was little. It had belonged to her great aunt though, and was promised to my older cousin whom the great-aunt had lived with and loved when she was a baby. When I was 16, my mom kept her promise and took it to my cousin who lived in another state. I was furious. She didn't have memories of her mom sewing her dresses with that sewing machine. I cried too, but my mom had promised it to her years before and wouldn't budge.
I grew up and realized I'd been foolish, but my dear husband knew I still wanted a treadle machine, and when one was for sale in our local paper about 10 years ago, we bought it. It's in working order, but my very modern sewing machine sits on top of it now (protected, of course) and this is where I sew.

Clare said...

I found a treadle for €50 last summer in a boot sale. I walked away from it as we'd just got the other 2 and DH was threatening strike action if I purchased any more. I can still see it in my mind's eye and hope it went to a good home.

Do you search on E-Bay?


Joyce said...

I have a plain treadle too with the bottom two drawers cut off but the machine is mint. Even all the gold design is intact. I want a nice cabinet for it. My friend has one and doesn't even know if the machine in it works but she loves old furniture so it won't be coming my way. Lol. I'll keep looking.

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I would love to have a treadle also. We have come accross a couple of them, but none for $20 or even $50!!! Lol* The drawers are beautiful, and will look so nice in your sewing room!

McIrish Annie said...

I learned to sew on a Singer Treadle which had drawers just like yours! It sat in my mom's house for years and when I went to claim it after college. She had sold it! I too am in search for my long lost treadle!! they are the best machines, will sew through anything!

Terry said...

My grandmother had a treadle sewing machine and it was really the only thing of hers I ever wanted. So of course she gave it to my cousin who doesn't even sew!! I was heartbroken at the time, but decided to find one of my own. So I watched ebay and found one an hour from my home for $100. It now sits proudly in my living room! I haven't sewn with it yet but I will one day! :0)

QuiltedSimple said...

I'd love to have a treadle sewing machine - one of these days!

I have a question up on my blog about all things Austrailian (my grandmother is going there for a month on a tour). If you have a moment to give me some suggestions - she asked me for a shopping list - I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

MARCIE said...

Great looking drawers! Really, you could decorate anywhere in the house with them!

Anonymous said...

I know you'll figure out something wonderful you want to do with the drawers. I've seen them in quite a few antique shops, and they aren't cheap over here. I hope you eventually get your whole treadle!


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