Sunday, July 20, 2008

Relief :-)

There really is nothing like the relief of finally getting some things done that have been weighing you down for a while.

I've managed to package up three items that really need to go in the mail. Hopefully I'll get them posted this week. I have almost finished writing the directions for all the Christmas projects. Just one project needs to have the cutting directions finished, and then we're off to the copy-shop. I should finish it tonight ... let's see how far I get :-)

I'm going to make a couple of give-aways for the classes if I get the chance ... I'd really like to :-) I've had the most awful flu since we've been back from camping, so I think any sewing done will depend on whether I've managed to shake the bugs off. Thank heavens for Sudafed ... it's wonderful stuff. I'll check back soon.


Ali Honey said...

I'm sending you "Get well soon messages!"

Mary Johnson said...

I know exactly what you mean! I always have a sense of relief about checking things off my list too.

Clare said...

Oh you poor thing - sending you cyber hot lemon and honey.



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