Saturday, July 05, 2008


This is a top I'm quilting for a customer. It's super cute, but I don't think I'll be making one for myself any time soon. I find that chenille is just not as easy to work with as regular quilt fabric. Having said that, this one is made up beautifully, and it will make a wonderful gift.

In Tazzie Quilts news, I have come up with a new quilt design I plan to work on soon. It's a scrappy star pattern, and I'm so inspired to get busy on it. I should really have been writing directions for the 'evergreens' quilt, but hey, why do something now when there's always the last minute to get it done! *lol*

Last night Amy and her school netball team were in the grand final. They played admirably with two girls injured, and while they didn't win, they took the opposition to their closest game in a long time. We're just so entirely proud of them all, they did so very well to get into the finals.

Lastly, I keep forgetting to write about our family holiday to the USA which is coming up later this year. So many of you have been interested in where we're going to be spending our time, so I thought I'd mention it now while I remember ... first up we're flying into San Francisco, and then spending some time with our friends in San Jose. Next we're heading to Las Vegas for a few days, then on to Anaheim for a week of kiddy fun time with Mickey and his friends. We then head back to San Jose, and Marty and Cameron will head home. Amy and I will stay on for a further week to spend time at the Pacific International Quilters Festival, and then it's home for us too. We're packing a LOT into our time, but we just can't wait and know we're going to have a wonderful trip.

Okay, best get back to preparing dinner ... I hope all our USA friends have had a super 4th July holiday. Talk to you soon! x o x


loulee said...

I always find that the next project is always far more exciting and interesting than finishing the current one! LOL

I've tagged you, details on my blog.

Ali Honey said...

That quilt with chenille strips is certainly a different look. I presume you are only quilting on the non chenille squares - that's how it looks at the moment when I enlarged the photo. I think it will look very nice when you've done your magic.

Mary Johnson said...

I haven't tried to quilt chenille but I've been tempted to make some on the longarm.

The trip sounds great - I love San Francisco.


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