Friday, June 09, 2023

It's getting easier!

I can finally say we're starting to get used to our new puppy family member. Or maybe he's getting used to us? But anyway, we're working our way into a routine, he's starting to become calmer - and happy days, I'm finding a little more time to spend on crafty pursuits.

I'm so grateful that lovely people have been purchasing more of my painted bead heads for mmmCrafts projects from my Etsy store. This week past they've gone to destinations in the USA and Australia, and for the first time to New Zealand. It makes me to happy to help people out with their own craft projects, thank you all!

And I've had some more time to stitch a couple of my own things. A few hand quilting stitches in Lily Rosenberry, and I've begun to tackle the centre block for the Morrell quilt. It's just a start so far, and as is my whim, I've changed it a little:

Next I need to select some fabrics for the triangles that surrond this centre circle, and also settle on which background fabric this will sit on. Decisions decisions!

I also located and finished the other applique block I had worked on somewhat while we were away. It's a combination of applique and reverse applique, so I included a picture of the back for you too.

It's always fun when I'm working on scrappy projects to remember where I've used the fabrics before. The fabric in the block above was one of the major border fabrics in my Phebe quilt. I don't remember buying such a huge amount of it, but I have a lot left still!

The Morrell quilt has so many blocks that feature lovely Broderie Perse, and pretty toiles, so I've been collecting fabric that suit that purpose for a little while with varying degrees of success. This one I found at L'ucello and it arrived this week:

Isn't it darling? I'll look forward to finding the perfect block to use it in (and maybe others too!) That's all I've had time for this week. I'm hoping to have the centre block finished to share with you all next week, and it's my plan to catch up with some blog reading over the weekend, I've been a diabolical slacker! Chatter soon lovely friends xox

Edited to add: A big thank you to Elsie Montgomery for your message regarding last week's post, your email address didn't come to me, so I wasn't able to message you personally, but I wanted to send you my thanks for stopping by! xox


Kyle said...

The blocks for the Morrell quilt are so lovely. The toile will be fun to use, but I always find it hard to cut up and use.🙃

kiwikid said...

Beautiful blocks once again, good to hear life is settling down for you. That last fabric is beautiful.

Janet said...

I am behind on commenting.
Wow on the reverse applique block. The Morrell is coming beautifully. I love toile and that is a really gorgeous piece.
Thank your for sharing.


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