Friday, March 17, 2023

If only I would remember to use my camera ...

Hello friends, I hope you've had a wonderful week!

I've had a great one - since I checked in last, Mary had her birthday party. I managed to take a happy snap of the cakes while we were setting up for the festivities:

And then got busy socialising and didn't manage to get the camera out again :-/

Almost right away after the party (as it was a long weekend) we headed off to spend some time with friends at their beach house in Aldinga. On the way down there I noticed we were heading right past Tricia's Fabrics, and managed to convince the hubster to stop in, and grabbed a couple of treasures. This picture I took just now lol:

A cute Di Ford Hall border print and a sweet French General toile. Not really what I expected to buy, but I'm super happy with them just the same. Marty actually came into the store and was helping me look around, and a sweet lady from interstate asked me how I managed to get him in the store - her husband was sitting outside in the car. We all laughed a bunch, and then we were soon back in the car and on the way again.

As is my usual form, I only managed to get one picture while we were on the beach:

We genuinely did have a great time and were sad to have to return to normal life. If I could just remember to take more pictures, I'm sure you would believe me!

And in quilty news, I haven't managed to achieve much this week. I have started working putting together a block which is just a kernel of an idea right now, I hope it will become something:

I'm thinking about some appliqued EPP pieces and some broderie perse to make it more interesting. Let's see how that goes.

And tonight I'm going to start quilting on the pink heart quilt with the crown background fabric. It's all pinned and ready to go:

I can't decide whether to use a pale pink or a cream coloured quilting thread. I think I'll try a pink first and see how I like it. I'm super happy to be getting through all the projects I have deadlines for. There are two more must do things on the list, and then I'm coasting toward getting some hand piecing ready for next month. Yay!

Okay, I'm off to answer a bunch of emails now, thank you for all your sweet notes. I'll chatter soon! xox


Gretchen Weaver said...

Your fabrics are so pretty! I really like the new project start, happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

very pretty fabrics that you picked out - hope you had fun at the beach

Janet O. said...

That is a beautiful cake. And the colors coordinate so well with your new fabrics! LOL
I really like them both, but I am especially drawn to the Di Ford border print. Now I need to go dig through my Di Ford fabrics and see if I have that one.
Such a gorgeous beach. I can see how it would be very hard to return to real life after that.
Your block-in-the-works looks and sounds like it will be amazing. Gorgeous fabrics!

jude's page said...

A multi talented lady, who quilts, even by hand and makes amazing cakes. Lovely beach photo, so let's add photography to that list, and I am sure there is more!

Janet said...

Cake looks delicious. Can't wait to see what you kernel of an idea turns out to be, I am sure fascinating and beautiful. Happy quilting on the Crown.


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