Friday, June 03, 2022

Unexpected sewing ...

Hello friends! This week I didn't do any of the sewing I was expecting to do ... in fact it was all unexpected sewing! I had ordered some Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts Christmas fabric a little while back with a view to refreshing the Christmas Tree Skirt pattern that is always so popular on my Etsy site. The fabric arrived recently, so rather than let it sit around I got busy making the new skirt. It's my plan to have it on sale for Christmas in July, so why not give it a new look too!

I'm so glad there are scraps of the fabric left, it's so pretty and I can see it playing nicely with so much of my stash.

I also got back to putting some of the Kaffe Fasset tops together - I love how this one is looking:

Lovely Jean donated these fabrics, and did some of the piecing, and we're going to send these quilts on to Cranio Facial Australia. If any of my local quilting friends are looking to make some donation quilts, please do consider their cause. They're also running a quilt competition to coincide with the Royal Adelaide Show - get your entries in friends!

Today I received some happy mail - sweet Karen from Somerset Quilts had an Instagram sale over the weekend, I was able to click quickly and secure some scrap bags. And I ordered some floral fabric at the same time - I'm always looking for things that will work for broderie perse, and this one was lovely:

Whoops! The picture came thru sideways and I'm feeling too lazy to change it! :-)

Last of all for today, here is something I've been forgetting to share for a couple of weeks now:

I bought this Tiffany style lamp to go on the china cabinet in the hallway. When I got it all unpacked and in place it was a little busy, so I've swapped it over for the lamp that was in our bedroom and it's living on the tallboy now. I just love how it looks. It's pretty hard to take pictures of a lamp that's switched on apparently, so please trust me when I tell you how pretty it is!

Anyway, that has been my week, not super exciting, but it feels like it's been a busy one. Thank you to everyone that has stopped by and left a message - it always makes my day! Chatter soon xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is a pretty lamp!

Cherie in St Louis said...

Your lamp is beautiful!

Janet O. said...

Beautiful tree skirt--those are lovely fabrics!
Love getting happy mail. What pretty fabric choices. I have never attempted broderie perse, but I can see how that fabric would work well. I was buying some Di Ford Hall fabric that was on the clearance table at my LQS yesterday, and the clerk asked me if I was using it for broderie perse. I told her she'd have to come teach me how. :)
What an incredible lamp! It is a beauty.

Kyle said...

Fun to get new fabric and jump right in!!


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