Friday, June 24, 2022

Checking things off that infinitely long list ...

I don't know if anyone can relate, but I love a good list. And when I have huge amounts of things to get through on a list, it never seems to stop me from adding more and more things to the list. Fortunately, I'm not easily stressed, so I just keep plugging along and get to most things EVENTUALLY!

One of the list items was to get this month's mini quilt together - these are a joy to make as they come together so quickly.

This is 14 inches in size, and has a lovely Sue Garman applique block in the centre. It's made entirely from scraps, some of them quite small, so I wasn't able to use the same fabrics all the way through, but I suppose that adds to its charm. I'm yet to quilt it, but that won't take long and will be something fun for this weekend. If you'd like to see the projects from other sweet ladies working on mini quilts, do check out Wendy Caton Reed's blog.

I enjoyed the applique block so much I made another:

The green and yellow fabrics are golden oldies - Smithsonian prints from the late 90's. I just loved those collections so much. The green was in the big box of reproduction fabrics kindly gifted to me by Pam Holland, and the yellow was a gift from lovely Sue Flego in NZ. Quilters are so kind! I'm really enjoying the glue baste applique technique these days, it's hard to imagine I'll return to needle turn any time soon.

Other sewing I did this week was a couple more churn dash blocks, but I neglected to take a photo, I'll have to save that for next week. But on my other churn dash project, I finally settled on a fabric that I will use for the border:

It's a pretty William Morris print, and it seems to go with the rest of the quilt. I'll have to make sure I cut it out so that the grapes are all even across the quilt top or it will drive me crazy! It feels good to have finally made a decision toward finishing this top.

I had a little happy mail again this week, this time in the form of patterns:

I have absolutely loved the Morrell quilt from the very first time I saw it, so I will be super excited to make it. Before I can even consider it, I need to finish some other things, so who knows when I'll begin, but let me tell you, it's all I can do not to rip the pattern open and start sewing right away! The other birdie wreath pattern is just gorgeous also, and though I know it will be in my future sometime, it's not keeping me awake at night planning which fabrics I'll use :-)

And last of all for today, I shopped for a little fabric for Miss Mary, as I've decided I'd like to make a Dresden Play Mat for her. Here are the fabrics I chose:

You can't see in the picture, but the fabric is irresistibly sparkly. I can't wait to cut into it. I often joke with my friends that Amy and Mary have no idea of the tsunami of quilted and crafty items that are heading their way haha!

I feel like there are more things that I should be sharing with you, but I'm feeling flaky and can't think what they might be. So if I remember, I'll check back in on another day. I hope you've all had a great week, and I'll chatter soon! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I used to make detailed lists and then they would get tossed I don't make them a lot anymore. I have a Sue Garman pattern Afternoon Delight that I intended to make several years ago and have a few blocks done and then never got back to it. I have been trying to clear up the shelves and finish things on it so maybe I can get it back out this year to give it a try

Kyle said...

I'm pretty much a list maker too, except in the summer. Your applique work is beautiful. I have some of those oldies as well. I've always loved that green print. Sue Garman's patterns are incredible. Two new patterns to add to the list.

Chris said...

I make lists. I check them twice. Then I forget about them and do anything else that is not on the list. I love the Morrell Quilt. I bought the pattern from Threadbear a lot of years ago and have about half the blocks made. I drafted up all those triangles on EQ7 in a one-inch grid and am foundation pricing them. Each block is a different print from several Moda fat quarter bundles I bought on sale. I want to finish it someday. I took a workshop with Di for the Birdie Quilt. I got the kit she had with that fabric line. It is in a project box somewhere.

Janet said...

I love what you chose for the churn dash border. Perfect.
I wish they would make reproduction fabrics again like they did in the 90s and the early 2000s. I really miss it.
Can't wait to see what you make for Miss Mary.
Happy stitching and as always thank you for sharing your journey.


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