Friday, January 14, 2022

More retail therapy than stitching ...

Happy Friday! I'm so pleased I'm managing to keep up my commitment to fill you in on my quilting week. First up for this week, I managed to get block 12 from the free block friday project finished, it's a cute one:

Because I took the picture on my cutting mat, the dark is showing through, and you can see where every single seam is going. I don't use white fabric very much, so I really haven't seen this effect too often :-)

And after that block was finished, I started putting my plan into place for the sashing strips - I haven't got very far yet:

I've framed each block with a 1in border, and I'm simply going to use 2in squares as sashing strips - I don't really have large pieces of any of the 30's prints, so this will make good use of what I have. Hopefully the 30's container will be quite diminished after this project. 

It doesn't seem like much stitching for the week - I have also been putting hand quilting stitches in the wholecloth, but that just doesn't seem to be especially photo worthy - at the moment pictures in the hoop look very same/same. 

Though it's not an exciting photo, I remembered to take a pic of the fabric that came into my life last week. Lovely Karen from Somerset Patchwork had a flash sale on Instagram. I was powerless to resist:

Those two pieces make up a total of 5.5 metres. Definitely useful for a back, or borders or something useful.

And yesterday some of my lovely quilting friends and I went to visit with the sweet Lyn at Quilters Quarters. I haven't been to her shop before, but I will definitely return - I was a little overwhelmed yesterday so I didn't shop to my full potential, but I'm happy with what I got:

More red fabric? I seem to have a thing for it right now! The fabric with the little critters is so cute! Maybe it could be used in the centre of some hexies for a grandbaby quilt? All my future quilt plans seem to be very Mary-centric right now :-)

Definitely more fabric coming into the sewing room lately than being used, but that's okay!

And something else that has been added to the to do list ... have you seen the lovely ornaments by mmmCrafts? I saw on Instagram that Janet Treen had made some for her grandchildren and decided to investigate, and I have fallen in love! I purchased the pattern for the Christmas Elves almost immediately and have started collecting supplies. Here's where I'm at so far:

There are other bits and pieces tracking toward me in the mail - and I simply cannot wait to get started.

Last thing for today, I have continued with the paint splodging - and the canvas is starting to make a little sense:

It's fun to see the details appear amongst what first seems to be random blobs of colour. After seeing me working on this, Amy has picked up one too, and I also included one in my brother's Christmas present - though I'm not sure when he'll find time to work on it - he's such a busy bee.

Well, that's my update for this week - I'd like to have the 30's top finished by the time I check in with you all next week, let's see if I can achieve it! Chatter soon xox


Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I really like the block Friday project. I have been under the weather and not posting or commenting, but really like this post. I want to burn down all the cedar trees in Texas! Had enough. Very dry winter, so it is horrible for my cedar allergies.


Janet said...

Couldn't agree more with the comment above, cedar, pine you name it is my culprit. I think today it's the barometric pressure.
Your 30s blocks are outstanding, I like what you are planning on doing.
The Elves are very cute and I am sure you will have them done in no time. As always, thank you for allowing me on your journeys.

Pam said...

I have the 12 days of Christmas ornaments cut out, 5 sets for 5 grandchildren. They are fun to work on


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