Friday, June 04, 2021


It feels really great to not have a deadline to race toward. Actually freeing, I can work on anything I like! As you would all well know, I tend to only work on a very limited number of projects at one time - but I'm having a hard time deciding what I'd like to do. Something I'm not very familiar with! I'm giving myself permission to have a few things on the go for a little variety. Like a machine piecing project - a hand quilting project - and an applique project.

I got out the hand pieced tumbler project I've had on slow go for a while now:

I've been contemplating whether I should start piecing this on the machine rather than keep hand piecing, it certainly would get done much quicker! I think I've decided I'll keep hand piecing - it can stay a portable project. But this leaves me unsure what I'd like to machine piece. I'll continue looking and keep you posted.

On Tuesday night I felt the need for some new on-court fashion for Wednesday morning's tennis game, so I put together another tennis skirt - now that I pretty much know what I'm doing they go together quickly.

I seem to be really into plaids at the moment - not something we usually see on court! Did I mention that I caved and bought a cover stitch machine? It makes doing the hems of the skirt and the undershorts so much easier, and the best bonus is that the hems are lovely and stretchy so there are no stitches popping ever! 

And last of all, I've been continuing to get a few hand quilting stitches in the cot quilt wherever I can. I've finished the centre star, and I've quilted four of the pink star points too. 

The quilting for the corner squares and the setting triangles will be a feathered wreath with crosshatching behind it. I'm looking forward to drawing it up.

So that has been my week. Next week I know I'll have more quilting time on my hands - I've been taking Camo to and from his new job while some transport issues were sorted out, I don't need to do that anymore, so there are three hours of each day I get back. Happy days! Chatter soon xox

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