Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Honouring our Quilting Heritage - Lori Smith

I'm excited to report that I'm entirely finished my Montmellick quilt, it's washed, blocked, bound, labelled and a hanging sleeve has been applied. It's in the bag ready to be handed in, yay! I decided not to share a picture just now, I'm going to wait for a little bit, but not too long, I promise!

My next primary projects (yes, I've decided to work on two at once - most unlike me!) are an appliqué quilt, which I'm thinking will be The Caswell Quilt by Corliss Searcy, and a pieced project, Honouring our Quilting Heritage by Lori Smith

As well as those two, I'll continue to plug away at my 30's hexies and my French General tumblers when I'm out and about, and as the mood strikes me I'll put together a few scrappy stars here and there.

Today I made up the first block in the Lori Smith pattern ... they're not in numerical order, but in the order they appear in the quilt...

Block 18 - Tic Tac Toe

The original quilt has a lot of brown fabric and a very vintage look. While I'll still be using my repro fabric scraps, I'm probably going to use less brown - I think I'd like a somewhat brighter end result. Let's see how that goes.

I have time on my hands for a couple of days, so I'd really like to get some more blocks made. It's fun to spend time with Bernie again!

Chatter soon xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

well be fun to see if you start the Caswell quilt as I started to work on that one before we set off traveling and I will get back to it when we get home later this month - I have four blocks done and as applique goes it goes easily for this one.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

congratulations on your finish.And I look forward to watching along on the next project.

Tired Teacher said...

The perfect way to celebrate finishing a project is starting another. I love the colors you used in the new block.

Kyle said...

Well done on Montmellick. It will be great to see if displayed. Love Lori Smith patterns. Have fun with your newest project.

Kyle said...

Well done on Montmellick. It will be great to see if displayed. Love Lori Smith patterns. Have fun with your newest project.

Diane said...

Hi Lori! I'm relatively new to your blog. Your quilts are absolutely STUNNING! I'm curious how you selected fabrics for your HOQH Quilt. Nothing seems to match (as in a collection) and you use every color in the rainbow, but everything blends so beautifully in the end. Do you buy strictly reproduction fabrics (here in the States we would call them Civil War reproductions)? And none of them are what I would call brights - is that the trick?

I'm also hoping to find info on how you prepare your appliqué (freezer paper, needle turn,are there other techniques?). I've never done appliqué, but I would love to!

Thank you so much for your time!


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