Sunday, October 11, 2015

Caswell Quilt - Block A3

Yay, I'm just so thrilled, I've finished my first Caswell quilt block (probably should have given it a better going over with the iron ...):

I'm really super happy with how it looks now - selecting fabrics was part of the fun, and it's amazing how many different ones I have in my stash that will look good in this project. Some of them are super old - the blue/burgundy one in the petals must be 20 years old!

It was fun to spend some serious time needle turn appliquéing, though the Monmellick project had a little, it was all quite simple - this one required serious attention to placement and which order to do things in.

Now I can't decide if I should prep another block to take on vacation with me soon, or if I should stick to the hand-work I already have going ... decisions, decisions!


Peggy said...

very cute! I have tried and tried and hand-turned applique just won't work for me so it's either machine done or not at all - I envy you!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

this was the first Caswell block I did as well! I have four done and plan to get busy on this quilt when I get home from my trip

Tired Teacher said...

Very nice!

I love appliqué but don't like doing it, so I admire the work of others.

Kyle said...

What a wonderful beginning on a spectacular quilt. Having a good stash is actually important. There's no way you could find that great of variety of fabrics in one point in time. That's my justification!

Missy Shay said...

This is beautiful!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

It is lovely! That green that you weren't sure about looks wonderful in there. And I recognize that blue/burgundy print. I think it was one of the Smithsonian prints from the 1990's. I cried when I used my last piece! As for prepping another block to take along, well don't we all take far more than we can ever finish? Have fun!

Karen said...

I used to have some of that darker print you used in the flower. Works oh so well in this design.

Marie Christine said...

Un trés beau bloc!
M Christine


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