Monday, February 18, 2013

Carb loading :-)

Hi friends :-) I'm still plugging away on my Mrs Billings border - this is the little one that will be attached before the final marathon hexagon effort. Heavens there seems to be a lot of piecing and not much to show for it!

I counted quickly last night, and I think I have about ten more of the squares (and associated triangles) to add for each border, so I should be able to finish them today. That's all four border pieces you see tangled together there. I see a lot of pressing in my future :-)

On Saturday it was stitching day at Shay's house. I arrived late due to basketball commitments, but still had a lovely time with the girls, and Loz had brought along the most amazing show and tell. She has recently spent time in the USA, and purchased the most beautiful vintage quilts. She had brought two with her, and being me I only managed to take pictures of one. The most gorgeous pickle dish:

 Aren't the sweet thirties prints just darling!

And I love the hand quilting - it really is just a gorgeous quilt. You have a treasure on your hands Loz!

And lest you be concerned about our energy levels with all the chattering and stitching, here are our snacks for the afternoon. Wonderful scones made by Loz, and served with jam and cream. Shay provided us with yummy chocolate and the most amazing chocolate dipped double stuffed Oreo's. Heaven help me, I was all but twitching from sugar when I got home!

It was great to see all the girls, and we'll catch up again in a month.

My chores are done for the day - and it's a hot one here again, so I'm going to make busy and stay cool with my sewing machine. Let's hope I can finish off this second to last border once and for all! Chatter soon :-)


Missy Shay said...

That is a beautiful quilt! I'm glad you had fun, the carbs looked delicious!

thea said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! the quilt is beautiful and the food looks delish!

Unknown said...

You sure are going to be pressing quite a few seams... but it really looks worth your while! The eats look divine: especially those dippes Oreo's....

Lynette said...

What a pretty quilt! What's surprising me is how much it speaks to me when I'm not a pink person.

Linda said...

Hi Taz have you seen the season's end of Downton? I don't want to post a spoiler!!
Lurking Linda

AnnieO said...

All that tedious piecing will have its due reward, right?

Glad you got to see Loz's great quilts in person. And that you enjoyed the Oreos!

Shay said...

Mrs. Billings is a work of art's so beautiful in person.

I didnt realise how much "bad" food was on that table until I saw your picture. Spare a thought for me - I've had to eat the leftovers !

Sue said...

Lovely to read your chatter! Must get back to some of my own. What a beautiful pickle quilt.


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