Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More hexagons ... and busyness ...

Don't worry - I'm not trapped under anything heavy, just super super busy! I've been working away at the hexagons for the final Mrs Billings border - a whole day's work really doesn't make a wonderful visual statement worthy of photographing. But here goes anyway:

I've made 31 (I think) of the large units at the top there, so I have 17 to go. Hmmm ... seems unlikely that I'll make my self imposed deadline of having the top finished by the end of February ... maybe the end of March is looking realistic??

And for the busyness factor - we have had a dearth of birthday parties and dinners to celebrate recently. Some captured in pictures, and some not. On Fri nite we celebrated the 18th birthday of my bestie Renee's daughter. The theme was supernatural, and they had the most amazing cupcakes made. Look at these spiders, aren't they just too cute to eat? Or creepy to eat ... depending on your perspective :-)

On Saturday I went to my dear friend Chris' 70th birthday, a lovely afternoon tea, and sadly I didn't take any pictures - I can't imagine what I was thinking. Then it was a quick dash home to get ready for a dinner outing. Marty had friends visiting from Canada, so we went with our friends and met up with our Canadian visitors down at Semaphore to try out a Greek restaurant. I just loved how my meal was presented - entirely delicious chicken ... nom nom ...

And lastly for today, my friend Kath and I are bandits for Downton Abbey, and we always watch it together. Our snacks to enjoy with the program seem to be becoming more decadent each week - and we'll have to tone it down soon or we'll be the size of houses. But this Sunday just gone we each had an Affogato - a little dish of ice cream, a shot of espresso and a shot of Baileys, each poured onto the ice cream. Ohhh yum!

Last night we were out at a local Pub celebrating my brother's birthday - how fun that I've barely had to cook over the past several days - but we'll all be feeling very uncomfortable in our clothes if we're not careful!

So, that has been my past five days. I'm really hoping to have some star blocks made soon so I can share - it seems there needs to be more hours in a day! Also, I'm hopelessly behind on my blog reading, I have 250 posts waiting for me in google reader - please be patient - I'll get there I promise! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

are those pre-wrapped bobbins you are using in so many colors? wonderful idea, I love the holder you have for them

Shay said...

Wow...you are a social butterfly! Parties, dinners , and Downton snacks...(by the way I love that idea!)

Great progress on Mrs. Billings. I showed my Mum a picture of her over the weekend and she was in complete awe of your skills and how beautiful your quilt is!

Patti said...

I'm drooling all over my keyboard. Not a good post for us on Weight Watchers. What a lot of good eating you've done lately LOL! I LOVE the spider cupcakes!

Every Stitch said...

You look very organised with those hexagons - hope you are enjoying it.
Those cupcakes are amazing!

sandra said...

That affogato looks SO yum!!! Might have to try that. I'm not watching Downton this season, seems a bit sad. Still thinking about Mrs Billings. I love yours in French General fabrics, wouldn't mind doing the same, but using the Belle Fleur fabrics instead of the blues for something different. I do love FG blues though.


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