Thursday, September 13, 2012

Show-ing off :-)

My sweet friend Monica gave me a gentle nudge today - a little reminder that I hadn't visited with my blog for a while. Where does a week go? I swear they're spinning by faster and faster! Before I know it, it's going to be the middle of next year!

So, in recent days what have I done? Well, I visited with my quilt at the Royal Adelaide Show. I love gazing at the new ribbon:

And because I stood and stared for a good long while, I noticed that the light was really showing off the quilting. So, like any good quilt paparazzo would, I took more pictures:

And though it seems like little time has passed since you started reading this post ... here in the sewing room, my laptop has just recovered from a blue screen of death experience ... so I'll make the rest of this short and sweet ...

I was fascinated with the display of orchids, so many of them I'd never seen the likes of:

 One day I'll have some of my own ... but given my black thumb, maybe it'd be kinder not to ...

While visiting with the orchids, I noticed this maiden hair fern nestled in there. I have to admit I'm suffering fern-envy. My maiden hair fern experience is to have swap outs. Four in total ... three in a little green house at any one time - getting healthy again, and one in the house - which is dying a little each day. Some day I'll get it right :-)

Alrighty, I'm sure I have so much more to share, but I'm nervous about the state of the lappy, so I'll sign off now with a promise to check back in before too long ... chatter soon!


Spice said...

It truly is a wonderful piece of art.

Kerri said...

I love your quilt more each time. The quilting is awesome. I got the book since I saw yours, I'm hooked and am determined to make one, I hope! Congratulations on the second award!

Katie said...

You deserve to show off. What a wonderful quilt. :-)

Linda said...


Quilter Kathy said...

Your quilt is amazing in every way! Love the movement that the quilting design gives the quilt!


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