Friday, September 28, 2012

School Holidays

The kids and I are on school holidays right now, and having a really nice time. I have grand plans of getting quite a bit of sewing done - let's see how that goes :-)

Yesterday Camo and I made gingerbread. We make it a lot at Christmas time, but Camo loves it all year round. First he helped me out putting the ingredients in the mixer:

And once the dough had been in the fridge for a little while, he helped me roll it out. The most fun part is the decorating, but because he was really ready to get busy eating, we kept the icing simple.

Last night I started cutting out some strips for a secret squirrel project. Would you agree that sometimes the hardest part is choosing the fabrics? These ones have been in my stash for a LONG time. I'm thinking maybe 12 years or so. I know that Linda gave them to me, and it could have been when I visited with her in 2000?!?

This morning I got busy sewing the strips together and cutting them apart. Oh my goodness, I should have had another coffee before I started. I sewed three long seams and found I had to rip two apart, I'd sewed the wrong pieces together. And then I couldn't figure out why the pieces were curling up in a weird way. I sewed for a long time muttering to myself and then realised I had my top thread tension wound out to 9! Heavens! Lots of rookie errors today. I'm sure it's all up from here right? :-)


CĂ©line said...

Which beautiful activity. My children like helping in the cooking, it's especially to enjoy and eat. I look forward to seeing your secret project. It will be necessary to be patient!

PatchworkRose said...

They look super yummy. I love gingerbread too. Have a great long weekend

Pip said...

Yum - gingerbread, looks good, as does your fabric strips, it's good to make all the mistakes in the beginning, there won't be any more :)

Mary said...

Gingerbread is one of my Faves too. Makes the house smell so nice. I like your diamonds, the fabrics go together nicely!


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