Wednesday, July 04, 2012

2 More FWS Blocks

I made up two more FWS blocks today - both of them quite simple ones. The basket is one of the blocks that spooked me a little - a five grid block that finishes at six inches always needs to be cut at wierd sizes, so to make life easier, I foundation pieced it. No accuracy in cutting required at all!

Block 45 - Grape Basket 

Block 59 - Night & Day

Block Total: 104

I'd love to get some more blocks put together tomorrow - I'm watching the tennis now, so I'll see what blocks I have left to make and get some ready. Chatter soon! xox


Nancy said...

Great blocks! The end is getting closer and closer.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

These two blocks are wonderful! (They all are for that matter). I am enjoying your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Pip said...

With some of those blocks foundation piecing is the only way to go. Fortunately I've made both those blocks, Night and Day was a bit different to make :)

Linda C said...

Home stretch for you, girl!

I was curious about what you were going to use for sashing and cornerstones since you have been using the same three prints throughout.

Also I did not realize that you were selling some of your patterns! Good on you, Tazzie!


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