Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Noah and Friends project

Just thought I'd quickly share a project that I've been working on, off and on for a little while now. It belongs to a sweet lady that I used to do some quilting for - she brought it to me because she was having all sorts of problems putting the blocks together. She'd accidentally cut the background fabric squares too small, and just couldn't get the top to lay flat. I've taken it all apart and I'm putting it back together for her - it seemed such a shame to abandon the project, and she'd done such a lovely job with the applique.

Isn't it sweet? It's a Kookaburra Cottage block of the month project, called Noah and Friends. I'm really looking forward to giving her top back complete - it's going to look just lovely!


Vickie said...

Oh Miss T, that lady sure has done a lot of work..how lovely of you to resurect it for her...the blocks look beautiful,cheers Vickie

loulee said...

You're such a sweetie.

Sandra in the UK said...

I have the same pattern. Started the project last year. Still on the go, but with four other projects to finish first, it will be a while longer before I am finished!


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