Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Farmers Wife - A beginning ...

Originally I was going to make my 'Civil War Love Letters' quilt using the colourway I've used in these blocks, but I changed my mind. I think it will look better with a larger variety of colours, so I'll make it in scraps and reproductions some day - lets face it, I still have a LOT of scraps and repro bits and pieces!

Having made that decision, I decided to start making 'The Farmers Wife' quilt instead, and I've been dying to get busy ever since.

Here are my first blocks:

Block 1 - Attic Windows

Block 2 - Autumn Tints

Block 4 - Basket Weave

Block 6 - Big Dipper

These blocks have been fun to make, and I can't wait to get more made. I've almost completed Block 3 - Basket, it's pieced, I just have to needle turn the handle down. And Block 5 - Bat Wing, I must print the templates before I can begin piecing.

I hope I can share a few more blocks with you soon! xox


Impera Magna said...

What lovely fabrics... perfect for The Farmer's Wife project!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You blocks are wonderful and the fabric is an excellent choice. I need to get back to my FWS.

Pip said...

You've been bitten by the Farmer's Wife bug, these blocks are quite addictive, bit of a change from NI.

viridian said...

Oh no, if its not one big sampler quilt it's another!!! Looks a bit simpler than Nearly Insane.

Vickie said...

ahh good to see Miss T..lovely fabrics as well,I reckon yours will be complete before mine,cheers Vickie

OzRose said...

Hey Tara, we are just about to order the book for that quilt - not starting it till next year tho and I plan to hand piece mine so probably will still be working on it till the cows come home ! LOL
Take care and hope to see you soon.


Nancy said...

THey look lovely. Are you using the Marti Michell (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) templates?

Can't wait to see more!

Frances Leate said...

I have just spent the last few days agonising over what fabrics to use for this project and finally I have decided to make it scrappy with every block using different fabrics. It looks a lot of fun and I can't wait to get started. I love your blocks and colour selection. Happy stitching.

quiltygal said...

Well what do you know Farmers madness !! my group are doing it next year as our project so I will keep a lookout on your progress!! will this seem like a doodle after Nearly insane/Dear Jane


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