Saturday, September 12, 2009

Out Damn Cupboard

It seemed like it would be so easy. We needed a new dishwasher, and we'd talked about getting a new fridge, so why not get both at the same time?

Goodness me. Easier said than done. We wanted the side-by side kind, and only two would fit in the space height wise and width wise. All the research we did - and the fridge we ended up getting has this odd plastic bit at the back which made it too tall!

So, today Marty got busy taking out the cabinets above the fridge. We are so lucky one of his besties is a cabinet maker and is going to shrink the cabinets down for us.

I had no idea this was going to be such a tricky exercise!


Wendyb said...

I know that feeling....our fridge 'died' this year and I needed a new one. I wanted the side by side too but NONE fitted our new kitchen's design. Having just spent 21000 on the new kitchen, I couldn't bear to change it so we were stuck with the same design fridge we had before.... yuk.... not happy Jan!!!!
(We had designed it to fit bigger fridges, but the builder 'modified' it to suit his specs!!!!)
;o) Wendy B

sewprimitive karen said...

Sheesh, it's always something!

Anonymous said...

I love my french door fridge and it too has that extra plastic piece at the top. I always wonder why those unreachable cabinets are in the kitchen in the first place.


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