Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alliance Nine Patch

Last night I finished the quilting and the binding on my little 'Alliance Nine Patch' quilt, and I have to say I'm entirely thrilled with it!

Because I'm home alone right now, it's totally fine for me to stitch into the night. So I didn't feel at all naughty when I popped the finished item into the washer for a quick rinse and spin at 1am!

I really wanted my little project to get a head start on drying overnight. I laid it out on towels on the dining room floor - I really think giving it a rinse gives all the elements of the quilt a chance to settle and the quilting really 'pops'.

This morning I plan to pin another quilt and get busy. I shall have myself a little quilting marathon and see how many I can get thru before my home gets populated again!


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your quilting is lovely and really adds to the appearance of the quilt. Thanks for sharing.

QuiltNut Creations said...

beautiful Tazzie! the quilting is fabulous. great job

Rebecca said...

Looking good I have a mountain of my own tops waiting to be done. I hope to get through some of them before the end of the year ( it looks bad when you start the year with more unfinished quilts than the year before lol).
Take care Bec

Wendyb said...

Working under pressure is the way I work best too!!!.....so before the school holidays finish....I'm off to sew some more!!!
;o) Wendy B

Vickie said...

Oh I sooooooooooo Love it..it looks fabulous,cheers vickie

Elsie Montgomery said...

You are so right... that final step in the washer really makes it a quilt, or like a young friend says, "I love the bumpies on it!"

bingo~bonnie said...

what a pretty quilt - love the look of the curved quilting - softens it up :)

Have fun in your marathon! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Unknown said...

Simple and old-fashioned--can't beat it. Really nice quilt!


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