Sunday, March 22, 2009

A tiny rescue

My Mother recently had her kitchen remodeled, and as part of the process was having a huge 'sort and purge' of all her kitchenware.

We were visiting for dinner earlier this month, and during the course of the evening Mum produced a tub of all the cutlery that was to be donated to the thrift store.

I had a quick rifle thru the tub and felt compelled to liberate the three silver items you see in the picture. I don't actually have a cheese knife, a pate knife ... and I certainly don't have one of those heart shaped items ... because I have no idea what it's to be used for. Ideas anyone?

I gave them a quick polish this afternoon, but I'm not highly skilled in the polishing department. It's fairly certain that the items are silver plated, as I don't see any hallmarks anywhere. But don't you think they were well worth rescuing?


Mt Perry Quilters said...

The heart shaped thing could be a dessert server.
You're welcome to polish our silver as well, it seems to always be tarnished when you actually want to use it.
Mt Perry Quilters

Clare said...

It could either be a dessert server or a small fish slice. I think the former.

I love things like that and have way too much stuff collected over the years. I suppose now is the time to pass some of it on to someone else.

What is the heavenly blue and white china in the background?

Teresa said...

They are indeed lovely pieces. I would use the heart shaped piece to serve pie.

Sheila said...

Good rescue! I saw this 'cleaning silver trick' on PBS recently:

tami said...

I'm pretty sure the heart shaped utensil is a cake server. A pie server has a bend in it to go along the curve in a pie plate. Very nice rescue.

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Tazzie,
These are lovely...great save from the box!! I'm thinking dessert server also, but if it's smaller than in the picture it could be another cheese slicer. Either way, enjoy!

Joyce said...

I vote for cake server but beautiful decoration would work too!

Ms. Jan said...

Great save Tazzie! The heart shaped thing also looks like a gadget I've seen the cooking show people use to chip off delicious bits of Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese from a larger brick.

Lynn Dykstra said...

It is called a cheese spade. Use it to break off pieces of hard cheese.
Nice set!

loulee said...

I'm with the cheese spade people.

Martha said...

They are your mom's. Keep them for a family member in the future. As you give the pieces to that future family member, tell stories about your mom to help them know her.


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