Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pageant Day

Today is the day of the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. It's a tradition in our city, and with a population of one million people, it's a testament to the popularity of the event that 300,000 of them line the pageant route in the city. A must see if you're ever visiting at this time of year.

Also traditional for many families - putting up the Christmas tree on pageant day. We haven't always followed this tradition, but this year we decided we'd play along. What is tradition for us however, is to purchase some new Christmas decorations each year, and this year was no exception.

While in Disneyland, I may or may not have stumbled upon a tiny Christmas shop in the New Orleans area :-) Of course I had to bring a few treats home with me - and this is one of them. I just love it, and it's a delightful reminder of our trip.

I also love delicate glass ornaments, and this week past purchased three sets of baubles. My special favourites are the hand painted ones - this one is around 4" high and so sweet. Most of the others are about 3" and accented with gold. Last year, I purchased a collection that look like pretty Faberge eggs - it's very tempting to get some more.

Next week we're going to hunt for some lights for the outside of the house. Should be fun :-)


Teodo said...

These two Christmas ornaments are very very nice.
I like very much the second ball.
ciao ciao

loulee said...

Your new decorations are lovely, and I like the sound of Faberge eggs, but it's far too soon for decorations!
Mine never go up until after DS has his birthday on 10th December.

*karendianne. said...

Oh I do love the disney decoration. What a treasure reminder from your trip abroad.

Interested to read about your local tradition, too! Thanks for sharing.


Julia said...

Fun to hear about your local traditions! But, for me this is way to early to put up the tree. Of course, we Americans still have Thanksgiving to celebrate before Christmas. I am going to put out my Thanksgiving decorations today. When they come down, then the Christmas goes up!

Anonymous said...

I usually don't put up a tree until after Thanksgiving--we might need the room!! I love old looking glass ornaments, and each year I look for a few more. 'Tis the season! The kids get presents, but the rest of us do white elephant gifts, it's just such fun!

Shasta Matova said...

Christmas comes early in "your neck of the woods!" Our radio station is trying to have continuous Christmas music here, probably to get us in the shopping spirit, but the listeners voted against it - not until Thanksgiving at least.

sewkalico said...

That is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear of someone else with Christmas decorations up. Mine went up earlier even than the pageant, but only because it was for a fundraiser, but everyone keeps asking if they are still up!
They only go up once!


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