Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nancy's Christmas Quilt

This is Nancy's quilt, and I just finished quilting it. She made it in my Christmas in July workshop earlier this year. My original quilt was called Cinnamon Christmas, as the pictures in the centre of the quilt blocks had pictures that reminded me of cinnamon and spices. Nancy's quilt has Dickens type pictures in the centre of the blocks, so it could be called 'A Dickens Christmas'.

I'm taking it to the store tomorrow, firstly so that Nancy can pick it up when she pops in next week, but secondly because we're running an additional Christmas workshop tomorrow, and it will be nice for the participants to see an additional colourway for this particular quilt.

A couple more things for me to do - I'll just get all my class notes together for tomorrow, then stitch a binding on another quilt - make the lunches for tomorrow, and then I'll call it a night.


Comfort Cove Designs said...

oooh I like this quilt!! What a neat idea to use those mini panels like the Dicken's Christmas. I have a cute one with cardinals on it. hmmmmmm this is giving me an idea!!!

Beautiful quilt!

Quiltingly Yours

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting!

I like the fussy cut centers.

Thanks for sharing,

Shari said...

Fussy cut centres is a good idea. Is it Christmas already!!!


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