Saturday, February 24, 2007


Last night my friend Jane and I went out to see Westlife in concert. I don't really know much about them, but Jane is a huuuuuuge fan (being from the UK) and Westlife is from Ireland. Well, Jane was soooooo excited to see them ... and imagine how excited she was when she realised we had FRONT ROW tickets!!

BTW: Apologies for the security guys being front and centre in the picture ... Also for my little phone camera not coping well with the lights etc ...

She didn't know when she purchased them that they were front row, and just about had a meltdown when we got there, when she was home in the UK she tells me she'd have had no hope of getting into the front row. We both only had our phone-cameras with us, but I've taken a picture or two so you can see our little adventure.

It was nice to hear quite a few songs that I actually recognised, so we were able to sing along, be silly and have a great time. We got waves and smiles from a couple of the guys, I have no idea what their names were, but I'm sure Jane will fill me in all about them.

We're seeing Jane today at a BBQ with friends, and I'm sure she will be chattering all about it and wearing the t-shirt that she bought. We had a really fun night. And also some good news ... Amy's netball team produced a big win without their coach (me) - they won 20-3. So far they haven't lost this season ... it's early days yet, but things are looking good!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh what fun! I"m so glad you both had a good time!

Rose Johnston said...

Sounds like a great nite!!

Cathi said...

Ohhhh...Tazzie, don't let my husband or his family here you call Ireland part of the UK, lol, the troubles may be over in Ireland, but man are these Irish folk proud to be an independent country, no longer part of the UK.

Looks like you guys had fun seeing our Irish boy, I'm a U2 fan, lol!


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