Friday, February 09, 2007

Treats from Linda

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend Linda in San Jose. She sent me some parcels of treats, and they are entirely wonderful!

In the picture you can see in the back two Fons and Porter magazines which I just love, and next to them a huge pile of nine patch blocks. Linda and I have been trading nine patches for about a year, and I know I'm going to have fun using them.

Front and centre are some rolled up fat quarters, yummy reproduction fabrics - my favourites! And on the left is a gorgeous sewing kit that Linda made, and on the right is a super cool snippets bag that she made. I love each and every item, thank you so much!

Linda also sent me some knitting needles that I'd ordered from ebay and had mailed to her. I found someone selling vintage double point needles for a good price, and I snapped them up. They are in cute colours too, so I thought they were fun. You can have any colour you like here, as long as you want grey.

Amy had school netball again tonight, and her team won 29 to 7. The girls really played well, imagine how well they'll go when we can get some training in!

I'm working away at my Road to California blocks currently, and Linda is finding me a pattern that goes with the Lady Liberty fabric I showed you earlier this month. I'm so looking forward to seeing it, because I can't wait to cut into the fabric. Well, that's it from me, I'm heading back to the sewing room!


Melanie said...

Lucky Lady you are!!! what sweet treats... I love the fat quarters...Congrats on the team win! have fun this weekend.

Cher said...

always such fun to receive quilty stuff in the mail! what a wonderful friend.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the lucky one to have such a nice friend!

I've been in love with your Lady Liberty fabric (I'm thinking of ordering some) since you showed it. Please show the pattern when you get it. I'm thinking of how I could use it!

Susan said...

What a pleasant surprise to get in the mail.........

Whew, you sure have been productive this year already..........

Darlene said...

What a wonderful package from Linda - obviously a very good friend.

I'm working on a similar surprise package for Nadine (SHHHH, don't tell her) ;-)

Vicky said...

What a great package to receive! What a great friend in Linda!

Just wondering - is net ball like our volley ball?


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh what a fun package! I just love those snippet bags - I have 2!


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