Monday, November 06, 2006

November Goals

How did I go with my October Goals?
  • Mark and pin Winnie the Pooh quilt
  • Make two gifts for Xmas
  • Quilt and bind miniature quilt
  • Piece repro top for shop
  • Draw up zig-zag quilt
  • Stick to fabric diet
Only that one elusive quilt remains untouched this month. I'll pop it back on the goals for November and see how I go. I wonder if subconsciously I'm reluctant to work on the Winnie the Pooh because I didn't match the fabric I ran out of as perfectly as I wanted to. Let's hope I can get it moving this month. I don't have any super pressing deadlines for November, other than continue to get ready for Christmas, so I can have a little play with what I would like to do this month.

Here are my November goals:

  • Mark and pin Winnie the Pooh quilt
  • Make three gifts for Xmas
  • Piece 60 blue and cream blocks
  • Make four DJ blocks
  • Complete one quilt to binding
  • No fabric purchases other than Osnaburg or fabric to
    complete a quilt
I think I may have set the bar pretty high, so here's hoping I can come close. Well, that's it from me. I'm off to buy strawberry runners, and put some stuff in the post from ebay. Have a great day everyone. x o x


Hedgehog said...

Good luck with the goals - they seem doable!

Susan said...

The goals seem doable. Well, except maybe for that Winnie the Pooh quilt. =)

Helen said...

Hi Tazzie

I've just caught up with everyone's blogs and saw that you won a prize for that beautiful quilt! Fabulous. Congratulations

Anonymous said...

60 blue & cream blocks - are those no longer a diet reward? (Otherwise there won't be ant Tazzie left!)

Hanne said...

Good goals for November. I look forward to hear about your progress :-)

Quilts And Pieces said...

I just can't believe how you guys can set goals and finish any of them! I just can't even think about what I want or should do.


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