Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Welcome to my home! Tonya and Kathie's posts about the entry to their homes were fun, so you're on the guided tour of the entry to my home!

If I were a better photographer, or a gymnast, I might have been able to get you a better picture. I had to open the door and step out onto the mat, I'm not tall enough to unbolt the second part of the front door, so it was tricky to get a shot where you could see anything quilty!

At the top of the picture, you can just see two of the three Rebecca Barker 'Quiltscapes' I purchased in Paducah. I just love her work. I got a mouse mat too, so whenever I'm on the computer, I'm still feeling quilty!

Tonya mentioned she wished she'd asked about the first quilt people see when they come into your home. I keep one of my favourite quilts folded on top of my Singer treadle. It's called 'Christmas in the Garden'. It was a quilt that accompanied my profile in AP&Q early this year. They renamed the quilt 'Tara's Garden' as the quilt didn't end up going in a Christmas issue. My SIL really wanted the quilt, but I just couldn't bear to part with it after it had been in the magazine.

I don't really have a wall large enough to hang a decent size quilt on in the entry-way, but just out of shot I have two little blocks on hangers, one is a block called Prosperity, I figured if I hung the block in my hallway, maybe it would invite prosperity into our home? The other is a cute little schoolhouse.

Immediately opposite the front door there is a window which looks though to a fernery. And of course there are the obligatory blue and white chine plates on the wall near the clock. They're from the Spode Xmas collection. It's super fun that so many of us seem to collect blue and white china! Ohhh, and I should probably tell you that that's the door to my bedroom there ...

Hanne is ready to make her 4 blocks already. I won't know until Monday when I weigh in, but so far so good. Keep your fingers crossed for me! x o x


quiltpixie said...

wonderful quilt to greet people at the entry... & I love the idea of a couple of small blocks on hangers...

Quilts And Pieces said...

Tazzie - that looks like an absolute GORGEOUS quilt! I guess if your SIL doesn't get it then it means I don't get it either huh!!! :)

I"m rushing home tonight to go check out the full picture of that quilt! I can't wait to see it.

I love your entry way! My whole house is boring, especially my entry way. But I do have LOTS of quilts around!

Finn said...

How fun Tazzie, to have a peek into your home..*VBS* Love the quilt, and now I've got to go and track down my pile of AP&Q and find your quilt..LOL Sounds like a plan to me..*G*

I have noticed that many of you collect the blue and white china. I'm the odd ball, I collect the brown and white, primarily Johnson Bros of England..not so much Meakin.
Over the years I've only managed to find on tea cup, and strangly enough, it was at a thrift store.
The old brown etched look reminds me of the writing in journals long delicate, scratchy and faint looking.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Monday..*VBS*

Darlene said...

Your entryway is adorable. That quilt is beautiful - would love to see spread out (ok?) Very inviting and happy!

Patti said...

What an inviting entry to your home. I don't blame you for wanting to keep your quilt! Can you show us a picture of the entire thing?

Let us know if the prosperity thing works - I can make a whole quilt out of those blocks if need be LOL!

Unknown said...

I really need to get a quilt in my entry area. Need to make a statement that "a quilter lives here"! And I have brown and white transferware too. And red and white and purple and white. And black and white. But mostly blue and white. I am a china freak. For sure.

Anonymous said...

Love the coathanger with the bags on it! I'm going to steal that idea coz I have loads of bags that are just spread everywhere and I can never find the one I want :-)

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thanks for the invitation to come in! Lovely. Gotta ask. What's a "fernery?" Garden with lots of ferns growing?

Shelina said...

This is a great inviting entryway. I'll have to follow your lead and photograph my entryway. Your quilt is so incredibly pretty, even folded like that. I'd be afraid to leave it so close to the door.
I like your idea of putting the prosperity block up there. And the schoolhouse one is for wisdom? Another idea I might eventually copy from you.
I did make my daughter a quilt with those words in Japanese - wealth, health, wisdom, etc. so she will have all those wishes in one quilt.


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