Friday, June 30, 2006

Fairy Quilt

This is Amy's fairy quilt. It was made while I filled in time while waiting for her at dancing classes. Until recently I participated in a birthday fat quarter exchange, and the year I made this quilt I requested fairy/girly prints, so I had a very sweet selection of prints to go in her quilt. I chose to make large blocks rather than smaller ones, as I didn't want dismembered fairies all over the place.

I imagine this quilt is about 7 years old now, and at the time I was really still learning about different aspects of quilting. It's entirely hand pieced, and also hand quilted. Sadly though, the batt I used was not the greatest and beards terribly. Each time the quilt is washed more and more of the batt escapes, so I imagine in time there will be little left at all. Really though, it doesn't matter, because even though Amy has now outgrown her fairy phase, she still loves this quilt so much and has it on her bed each night. It's really a lovely feeling knowing you have created something which brings so much joy to your baby.


Shelina said...

Wow! This is a beautiful quilt. One of the prettiest I've ever seen. I love the hand quilting. And all your pinks go so well together.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful, and what lovely quilting as well!


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