Friday, December 01, 2023

Hello December!

Can you believe it's December already? I certainly can't, this year has definitely flown, and this week has simply passed me by!

I had promised to check back in after the weekend was finished - based on results, I'm sure you know that didn't happen. My birthday, babysitting and appointments all just got in the way. No complaints though, each and every one of those things were wonderful.

So, what have I acheived this past week? Well, I managed to finish up the last little bits and pieces for the secret sewing that I was working on, and those things I can share with you next week. I have also been working on some placemats which are gifts, I'm hand stitching the binding down on the reverse side at the moment:

I ordered in some fun fabric for these camping enthusiasts, and hope they enjoy these mats as much as I enjoyed making them. The plaid, cream and dark green were all from stash, and there was much happy dancing that they worked well. The darkest fabric has not photographed well, it's not quite as dark as it appears.

And other sewing, I'm now making an earnest effort to catch up on my OPA sampler blocks:

Block 44 - Hunters Cross

Block 45 - Rolling Stone

Block 46 - Latticework

I now have no clue how many of the blocks for this project I've put together, I think I'll organise all of the pictures of my completed blocks into a folder so I can keep track of them. The blocks themselves are all in a project box, but I do enjoy looking at the finished items on the computer.

Next week is the last one for spending time with quilting ladies, so I've been thinking I should set myself some goals for the holiday break. I think my holiday break is 7 weeks, I haven't counted, but that sounds about right. So ... these are my thoughts ...

1.  Catch up on the OPA Sampler Blocks
2.  (And this is a wild one!) Finish making the top of the aviation themed quilt I started for Camo ... more than 10 years ago! Believe it or not, he'd still like to have it ... and it has been relentlessly pushed to the back of the queue!
3.  Continue to spend at least 30 mins each day hand quilting on Lily Rosenberry
4.  Complete at least two donation quilts. 

Do I think these are realistic goals? My heart says yes, but my head is saying whoooooaaaa, back it up a bit! Thing is, I can try, and if I don't make it by the end of the holidays, that's okay. I always work well with a deadline, so let's give it a whirl!

So, that's my week, I'm off to catch up on some emails now ... I'll chatter with you soon! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good luck on your goals and it is really alright if you don't make them! we need a break sometimes too

kiwikid said...

Beautiful blocks! Good luck with your goals, is good to have something to strive for, but you also need to rest and recover.

Janet said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
I am sure you will get the whole list done by the end of the year. You are NOT a slacker that is for sure.
I love the Reproduction fabric look of the OPA blocks.
Enjoy your weekend.


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