Friday, May 20, 2022

Churn Dash and Catching Up ...

I am super happy with what I managed to achieve this past week in the sewing room. Sometimes free time just presents itself and I was ready to take advantage of it!

The remaining four blocks for the churn dash top were finished, I also made the last sashing strips and put the top together. It's fun to work from stash and see some last remnants of fabric used up!

Now I need to decide what might be a contender for the border. Here are two that are under consideration:

I'm not sure about either of them to be honest. But the one on the left could definitely be a backing. A border stripe would be great, so I'll rummage around in the fabric closet some more.

While I'm in 'churn dash' block mode - Chookyblue is hosting a Sewalong featuring churn dash blocks. I'm thinking I'll participate, it should be really fun. 

And in other news, I managed to get back up to date with the Moda Blockheads 4 blocks. The only ones I haven't made are the bonus blocks, but I'll get on to those soon too.

Block 6 - Spinning Into Spring by Linzee McCray

Block 7 - Game Board by Lisa Bongean

Block 8 - Wild Geese by Kate Spain

Block 9 - Cross my Mind by Zen Chic

If you're interested in the Blockheads 4 project - click on this link for the archive and check back weekly for new block updates. I'm so glad I decided to participate!

Also noteworthy, I added some pink Elf Heads to my Etsy store:

These are for use with the mmmCrafts Twas the Night ornament series. I've seen them made in a cute pink colourway, how cute to have pink hair to match!

Anyway that has been my quilty/crafty progress for this week - I'm super happy to be catching up on things. When I have a bit of free time, I'm going to take stock and write a list of my UFO's - it's fun to check things off a list - while I'm inspired to get things done I'll get some older projects done too.

Hope you've all had a great week - chatter soon! xox


Terry said...

Such a pretty quilt! I always love your fabric choices and the ways you use smaller prints. You have a special fabric-combining talent.
You've caused me to rethink and change some of my fabric buying choices.

Chookyblue...... said...

it's looking good..........Im not sure about the border pleased your joining the Churn Dash SAL...........

Janet O. said...

I really love your churn dash quilt! The stars at the cornerstones are a wonderful touch. Hmmm, I'm doing Chooky's SAL, too. I may need to consider the star effect.
Your Blockhead blocks look really good.
Whenever I start making a UFO list, it makes me feel stressed to get more finished, so I quit before I have listed everything. LOL

Denice Barker said...

Well, if you are looking for opinions on the border my vote would be the one on the left but that's only for color choice. It might be interesting to cut it so just the two rows of diamonds make a border stripe and choose something else for the border. But that's only if you are asking for opinions!
I am also doing chooky's churn dash SAL and like your four color option and am going to go that route. Thanks for the visual!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Pretty quilt - you did great on the sashings - those can be difficult getting all points to match up! How about a black back? Hugs

Janet said...

Churn dash is beautiful. I love the fabrics. I am sure you will find the perfect border but if not I would go with the left fabric.
You have been busy. With packing going on here I find myself searching for things more than anything.
Happy stitching.

gladiquilts said...

I LOVE your churn dash blocks, but agree that neither of the border options you showed is right. Keep looking!😊

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love the Churn Dash! I think you are right, the one on the left would make a fabulous backing for this. I think it might be too busy for the border. Border choices are often troublesome after spending so much time making the inner works. I am quite confident you will find the perfect piece.


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