Friday, November 26, 2021


This has been a week for binding ... lots of binding! And it's going to continue into next week too.

I finished up the binding for the table mats, and if I do say so myself, I'm really pleased with them:

These are all traditional style ones, I've already handed the bright ones over to the tennis club. Hopefully we won't need any more, I think I need a break from them now lol.

And next on the to-do list was a delightful task. One of my sweet quilting friends has a daughter in law who's grandmother was a quilter. She had a couple of English paper pieced tops left to her, and she wanted them to be finished in her grandmother's memory. My darling friend Lizzy quilted the tops just beautifully, and now I'm working on the binding:

It's hard to show in the picture, but this lady was a masterful stitcher - her whipstitching between the hexies is tiny and so beautifully even. The top above was made with absolutely magnificent fabrics - there are silks, brocades, corduroys and velvets. She must have been a very stylish woman if these were offcuts from her dressmaking. I could run my hands over and gaze at this quilt for hours.

And once I'm done with the luxe top, this one is next:

This top is gorgeous too, but with more traditional fabrics. The hexies are larger and organised into a flower garden style pattern. We selected a cute fabric for binding, and it's going to be just as lovely as the first one.

Playing with these hexie tops makes me want to break out my own hexie projects and get busy piecing. Maybe I'll do some work on them during the holiday break.

The coming week promises to be a busy one again - birthday celebrations are always fun, and my tennis team and I have won our way through to the Grand Final on Wednesday. We're facing a super tough team, so it will be a hard day out, but I'll have my fingers crossed.

That's all I have to report for the moment. But I just wanted to take a second to wish all my Stateside friends a Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you've all had a wonderful celebration and were able to spend time with the ones you love.

I'll check back in with more quilty goodness next week, so chatter soon! xox


Janet said...

Good luck at the tournament.
Your mats are gorgeous. I cannot believe you finished and with time to spare plus NOW working on the hexies. Your quilter did a beautiful job and your binding is looking great, speaking of, they look perfect on the mats.
Enjoy your weekend.

Kyle said...

Awesome job finishing all those lovely holiday mats. Doing the binding for those antique quilts is a sweet gift for your friend. The quilts are fantastic.

Natalie Spilsbury said...

Have followed you for years. Will you please tell me what thread you use for your hand quilting on your lovely quilts


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