Friday, April 23, 2021

Wholecloth - some hand quilting :-)

This will be a quickie post this evening, as I'm babysitting little Miss Mary. She will be six weeks old tomorrow, and is a delightful diversion :-)

There hasn't been much time for quilty pursuits this week, but when I had the opportunity I put some more stitches in the wholecloth quilt. I enjoyed revisiting it so much last week - it hasn't been that long since I finished hand quilting on Phebe, but I obviously missed it.

I did enough quilting to move the hoop twice, and I'm thrilled with how it's looking. 

I'd love to simply keep going and get a whole chunk of quilting under my belt, but from now I really need to get ready for the quilt show next week. My entry is all ready, but I need to label the bag. And because I'm quilter in residence I have a display of quilts ready - three of the quilts need hanging sleeves, so I must get that done in good time. I can't wait for the show, after all the delays, it's exciting that it's almost here.

Anyway, must get back to babysitting duties - chatter soon! xox


Chris said...

Baby sitting duties with a 6 month old grandchild are quite different than with a 6 year old grandchild doing online school I miss the new born snuggle time.

Janet said...

Your quilting is perfect. Is this a preprinted cloth or did you do the markings? I can't wait to see what you are displaying at the quilt show. I miss seeing Phebe, what a wonderful applique quilt journey to follow.
Enjoy your grand daughter.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Your quilting is the best I have ever seen! Beautiful even and small stitches! Enjoy your grand baby! Hugs

Sue said...

Oh Tazzie I wish I could visit the quilt show to see all your quilts hanging! Even though some of the borders are open, it's still not really safe. Oh well, maybe one day :) Will the organisers put it on the website or FB?

Jean McGee said...

How exciting having little Mary all to yourself for a while. Good luck at the show and I'm looking forward to,seeing you there.
Your quilting is so beautiful, how you get such small stitches I'll never know! See you at the show. 😀😀


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