Friday, March 19, 2021

I just snuck in!

Friday finishes here in one hour and twenty minutes, so I'm just getting this post done in time. It's only March, so I don't want to drop the ball with this years resolution already!

This has been one hectic week however, so I have not gotten very much done in the sewing room. But here goes:

I made up some log cabin blocks for a long term scrap project. There are only four blocks so far, but I never cease to be amazed how much you can sew and not make a visible dent in your scrap stash! I have some of the Thursday ladies working on these blocks too. It will be fun to see what we all come up with.

And because I'm so determined when faced with a challenge, here are the results of this week's macaron experimentation:

I can definitely say I'm getting on top of the browning problem. So that's entirely great. I was wondering how the macarons you see in shops have such vivid colours - and according to my new favourite macaron resource, to get big colour, you need to use lots of colouring. So there's that ... 

My friends/family are probably growing tired of eating these almondy treats, so I probably should  slow down the production - but I do want to keep plugging away and getting better at baking them.

Anyway ... it's getting late here, and even though I'm a total night owl, I'm really flagging, so I'm going to head to bed. If I get all rested up, hopefully I'll have lots of quilty inspiration to share with you next week. Chatter soon! xox


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh I'd say those macarons are perfect! Love the log cabin blocks. And yes, it seems no matter how much we use our scraps, there are still oh so many left in the basket!

barbara woods said...

beautiful blocks , I am making them to

Janet said...

Seeing the macaroons make my mouth water this early Saturday morning. Yum yum.
I log log cabin blocks and yours look perfect.
Happy stitching.

Kyle said...

I would think you'd have lots of volunteers to try your macarons. Your latest batch looks perfect. Log Cabin blocks are always fun to make.

Pam said...

Log cabins are my favourite block ever. So many variations

Jean McGee said...

Your macaroons are very tasty Tara, you can practice on us all you like. The log cabin blocks are very tempting, might start doing some myself to help use up some stash. Xxxx


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