Friday, May 25, 2018

Time keeps rolling, and so very fast!

Heavens, it seems like I've barely had any time in the sewing room since I checked in with you, but I kind of have - just not in a newsworthy (or share-worthy) way. I don't quilt much for others anymore, but I agreed to finish up projects for two of my lovely ladies that come to classes - I also finished up two secret squirrel projects that I will share with you later on, and I've been teaching a sweet friend who recently retired to quilt. This has all meant that my Phebe project got put on the back-burner for a bit, but these past few days have spared me some time to pick it up again.

The next little border print was fun to cut out, and I've started stitching it in place - it's 3/4" finished, so a little fiddly:

It looks kind of wonky in the picture, but trust me when I tell you that it's all lovely and straight, but the edge is kind of flapping up in the air unevenly. It'll look super when the next round is attached - but that will be a while as it's a border of about a bazillion triangles with a 1" base! I see lots of foundation piecing in my future.

And because I was up close and personal with my blocks while I was pinning the border in place I found this bit of a boo-boo:

Whoops! There's a problem with that green pointed star for sure! I can't believe this one slipped through the cracks - when I look at the back of it I realise I had unpicked it a few times too - a few of my early blocks had seam intersections that didn't thrill me, so I redid them, and I think this may have been one of them. Anyway, I've fixed it now - I hope I haven't let any more slide thru!

I don't have anything more to share in the way of stitching ... but I have continued to practice baking. I loved making pastry so much that I decided to make an apple pie for the Mother's Day dinner I hosted for close family. I've been gathering fondant/pastry cutters and having fun with them, so here's my pie pre and post baking:

Since I've learned that pastry is not nearly as difficult as first thought, I've also made two lemon tarts over the last couple of weeks, and I see more in my future. Let me tell you that Weight Watchering is very challenging when there are tasty baked goods hanging around.

Before I sign off, I wanted to say Hi and thank you so much to Andy who commented recently. I wasn't able to reply to you directly as your email address didn't come to me, but I appreciated your kind words very much. And I feel the same about every comment I receive, it's lovely that you all stop by and share your thoughts. But now I'm heading back into the sewing room, and I'll check in with you all very soon!


Janet said...

I really like the border. I can't find the problem with the green star. It looks perfect to me. Your pie looks delicious. The color of the crust is beautiful. Can't wait to see the next border. Happy stitching and baking.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I really REALLY had to look for the error in the green block and I can usually spot them quickly! It is so nice to know that another quilter is such the perfectionist. I too work at it hard and it slows us down, but then I want it to be as perfect as possible! Beautiful work!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

It is fun to quilt with friends even if you don't get as much done! I am so glad you searched for enough of that sashing fabric as it is the perfect choice! You pie simply amazes me. It looks like it is from a movie set! My pies usually taste good, but they are not "picture perfect"!

Kyle said...

That narrow border is going to look as perfect as you beautiful apple pie!

Janet said...

It's me again. I guess I am more awake this morning (7:13 a.m. versus 5:00 a.m.), I found the green star block problem. Thank again for taking me on this quilt journey. Have a great weekend.

Phyllis said...

It looks beautiful again, but wouldn't you know it, just that one naughty star. Your apple pie looks perfect, bet it was yummy!


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