Saturday, April 28, 2018

Stars aplenty!

This past week I've enjoyed spending time with my Bernina. While I was working on all that lovely applique all I could do was wipe the dust off my sewing machine periodically. I've made up for it though, and here's where I'm up to:

Just the rows at the top of the quilt to go now, and it's onto the next steps. Please don't think I've made all those stars since I checked in with you last, all the stars were already made and patiently waiting for me to pick them up again.

The centre of the quilt just glows next to all the scraps doesn't it? Seeing all this come together has helped me to make another decision - there is a thousand pyramid style border coming up soon, and though I was going to make that scrappy too, I think I'll use the same cream fabric I used in the applique for that. Probably another choice I'll make on the fly when I see how it looks. And I'm entirely thrilled that my lovely quilting friends were able to help me out with the Civil War Dressing Gowns fabric for the sashing strips, I can't imagine anything looking better - it's just how I saw it in my mind's eye. You can see it better in these next two pictures:

There are some fun fussy cut squares throughout the quilt top, and where I could I've tried to keep any stripes running in the same direction. One of my favourite things about working with scraps is remembering the other quilts they've been in and also remembering how the fabrics came to me. Some from lovely friends and from shops on my travels - or from lovely local shops - all fun memories.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll get the rest of the stars in place, and then I can start thinking about the next stages of the quilt. Happy days!

From my last post I had some messages I wasn't able to reply to - so a big hello to Holly Field, Co Coya, Alejesnat and Guusje. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving comments, they're always appreciated.


Janet said...

Wow, wow, wow, it is gorgeous. I cannot believe you are getting so much done. The assembling is time consuming and look where you are? Amazing. Your stars are beautiful and yes I remember your working on those. Very smart on your part because they take time too. Can't wait to see the next stage. As always thank you for taking me along on your quilt journey.

Paula DiMattei said...

Your stars really do make your applique shine. I was going to ask you if you could share those super hero powers that allowed you to make all those stars and bake cupcakes and plan an engagement party all since last you shared on your blog.🤣😂🤣. This quilt just keeps getting more and more awesome❣️

Kyle said...

You should be thrilled!! It continues to grow more gorgeous with each added border.

Raewyn said...

Your quilt is looking beautiful! Well done on all the work that has gone into it :-)

Barb said...

what a beauty!

Phyllis said...

Wonderful! You are going so fast with this quilt and it looks beautiful!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

This is the prettiest of all the Phoebe quilts that I have seen and done to absolute perfection. Your stars are all on point and the sashings are perfect. These are very difficult to get to such perfection!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoying watching your journey!


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