Sunday, February 11, 2018

I dropped the ball for a bit ...

At the start of the year I had such plans to stitch for at least 15 mins a day, keep on top of being organised around the house, and a few other health related things. Can I tell you that the very day that Camo returned to school and all the other tennis commitments kicked in, I totally dropped the ball!

Ugh, this was not how I hoped things would be. I'm not saying that my home has turned into a cesspool, it's still tidy - and I'm keeping it that way, but I had grand plans to do more decluttering - and I'll still get there - I guess just at a slower pace.

My 15 minutes of stitching each day has amounted to a little unstitching at quilt group last week, and today I stitched a couple of blocks together to see how they look. But, I'm not going to beat myself up about this - and I resolve to do better going forward!

I will share something amazing (IMHO) that happened this week:

My mind just couldn't shift from the Civil War Dressing Gown fabric that I really wanted to use in my Phebe project. And I think the reason I just didn't like any other fabric in it's place is that I really was hooked on that darned elusive print. Here's the one I wanted in case you didn't see it earlier on my blog:

Because it's a real oldie, I knew I had little hope of finding it, but in a last ditch effort to hunt some down, I sent out an appeal to my buddies on Facebook. Well, let me tell you that my quilting friends came thru in the best way. A lovely local friend Julie has some that we think is a 100% match, and if that doesn't work out, sweet Rosemary Youngs has offered me some from her stash. My goodness I am blessed with the most lovely friends.

So, this evening I decided to put a couple of blocks together to see how it'll look. Oh my goodness wouldn't it be ironic if after all that hunting I didn't like the fabric?!? Never fear, I'm really pleased with it, and the next step was to decide on a fabric for the cornerstones.

Now the cornerstones are really quite tiny - 1 inch cut, so therefore half inch finished squares. At first I thought I'd use red, but realised they'd be abutting the red sawtooth border. In the end, I went deep stash, and found this little pretty:

I have no clue how long it's been in my stash or from where it came, but isn't it lovely? There is only a fat quarter, but I will only need about half of it with such tiny pieces.

So here is a quick picture of how just a few of the blocks, sashing strips and a cornerstone look when stitched together:

I am super happy with how this came together- and though the cornerstone fabric looks really bright when you look at the fat quarter by itself, its actually quite subtle when you see that little piece just there. I'm really happy with how the piecing looks, yay!

I don't know that I've done any more with the applique on the Phebe project since I checked in last, but it's my plan to get some more done tomorrow, so I'll check in with you soon! xox


Frog Quilter said...

Life happens. I understand that and most people should. I'm really liking you blocks and especially the fabric choices. You have prevailed. Kudos to you. 😀

AnnieO said...

Incorporating behavior changes isn’t easy, especially if it involves work you don’t enjoy! But stitching time is such a joy, I always make some time for it. Your dressing gown fabric is a subtle stripe and the tiny cornerstone sweet. How wonderful to get that settled so you can proceed on Phebe. Enjoy!

Janet said...

I really like it. I have been admiring your perfect points on the blocks. You are an amazing stitcher (obviously no such word but I like it). I bought the book "The Simple Home" and I am already a month behind. Go figure. As you say, life has a way of messing with the perfect plans. Thank you for sharing your journey, yes, your friends are fantastic.

Pip said...

I'mm so glad you managed to get some of that fabric Tara,I know what it is like when you have your heart set on a fabric and then you can't find it.

Lynette said...

How cool that folks had some for you! I know what it's like to get your heart set on older fabric and go on the hunt for it. :)

Kyle said...

Searching for those perfect elusive fabrics can definitely be a challenge, but when it all comes together it's been well worth it. Love how it's looking.

Unknown said...

Beautiful !

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I'd say that it was kismet! That is the perfect fabric for the sashing so I am happy you found some. The corner stone fabric is one of my favorites and it looks wonderful there. I'm not sure when you bought that fabric but it was issued in 2001 by P&B and was a reproduction from a fabric from the Cocheco Mills. If you can find a copy of "Just New From the Mills: Printed Cottons in America by Diane L. Fagan Affleck, I think you would enjoy reading about the mills and their fabrics.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Very pretty!!! I can tell you that I have some of that fabric and purchased it in the US on a trip to Branson Missouri in 2003!!!!! It was a group of the first Civil War fabrics I ever had and never bought anymore until 2014 and now I have a wonderful stash!

I made a quilt from Quilter's Newsletter magazine and it is a California king made with all the fabrics in that line of 2003 from The Mills collection. I have 5" squares left over to make another smaller quilt!


Phyllis said...

I admire you, your work is so precise and neat and your fabric choices are beautiful.


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