Saturday, October 22, 2016

More Quilting Heritage blocks ...

These blocks have really hooked me in - I do love applique, but I love piecing too - absence makes the heart grow fonder maybe? While I have some momentum, it's best to make as many of these blocks as I can. I was able to put two together yesterday, and I pieced another before my tennis match this afternoon, and then another this evening after I got home. Here they are:

Block 1 - Xquisite

Block 24 - Squares & Diamonds

Block 33 - Double X

Block 54 - Aunt Dinah

Block 33 Double X - I may or may not have put the block together, taken the picture, cropped it down and posted it on the blog ... BEFORE I realised that I'd added a corner back to front ... and then had to delete everything and fix it. Can't prove anything ... ;-)

Once again, a lot of the fabric I used in these blocks was from the various parcels from my friends in the USA - thank you ladies, I always love using the fabric you send me :-)

Speaking of fabric, I didn't forget to take pictures of the fabric I received in the mail this week. I made a purchase at Threadbear after a blog post they put up recently. I hadn't seen this fabric anywhere locally and knew I'd have to move quickly:

I just loved this panel - it's by Howard Marcus Dunn, and the range is Collection for a Cause - Preservation. Wouldn't this look just lovely as the centre of a medallion quilt. I'm so pleased I jumped when I saw it, because they're out of stock of the panel already!

And I had to have some of the large print that went with it:

This would be fabulous for broderie perse too! After the Di Ford-Hall workshop I did earlier in the year, I've been looking at fabric in such different ways.

Anyway, that's all I have to share for today - I wonder if I'll get any more blocks made over the next few days? If I do, I promise I'll share them with you really soon! xox


Janet said...

Love the blocks. I really like the toile in the center of Double X. Your piecing is so precise. The fabric is gorgeous. I'm really enjoying your frequent post. Happy sewing.

Kyle said...

Wonderful new fabric. It will be fun to use in a special project. Your pieced blocks are lovely and I love how you used the toile. Too funny.

Donna~~ said...

You blocks are great. I marvel at how accurate and perfect they are.


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