Monday, February 08, 2016

Caswell Block C2

I'm just so thrilled to have finished another Caswell block. The glue baste technique I learned from Teresa's blog really makes it so much easier to tackle the more fiddly elements - do try it if you are working on an appliqué project.

Caswell Quilt - Block C2

The leaves, the stem and the butterfly were stitched in place using my normal needle turn technique, but the flower and the bird were done with the glue baste method, and I'm so impressed with the speed and accuracy that is achieved. I now understand how Teresa is so prolific ... I'm definitely converted.

I do have a couple more pictues to share, but I'll have to leave them for next time, as I'm just about to run Camo to tennis training. Now that school is back, all the other activities are back too. Between Camo and I, there is tennis in some form seven times a week, Camo's tutoring, work and quilt group. All good fun and useful, but it means I'm never sitting still for too long. Chatter soon!


Susanne´s Handarbeiten said...

So beautyfull! It is verry nice! A big Compiliment for your Blog!
By Susanne

Wendy Caton Reed said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying Teresa's method. Have you tried soaking them yet?

Tired Teacher said...

How is it possible that each block is more lovely than the previous block. This collection is going to make a stunning quilt.

Kyle said...

Another beautiful block!

Janet said...

Lovely block. I really like the flower center.

loulee said...

So the new technique will make you even faster? I get exhausted looking in now!
These block are very pretty. Looking forward to the next 'all together' picture.


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