Saturday, December 05, 2015

New Dresden Doo-dad

Today it has been super hot, so both Camo and I ended up with our tennis games cancelled. Though I love to play, running around a court when it's super hot is not my idea of a great time, so I've been very glad to spend time in a cool sewing room instead.

I've been working on another doo-dad for the shop - I'm just getting ready to quilt it:

These Dresden toppers are really fun, and they pretty much make themselves. The binding requires more attention though, so that'll be a job for another day.

A sweet lady purchased this pattern recently from my Etsy store, and she told me she's making it into a tree skirt. What a great idea, I bet it will be just lovely. This one is made up in French General fabrics (which I always favour) - that toile ... OMG, love it!!

Before I finish up - I just wanted to send a quick "Hi and thanks for stopping by" to a few sweet ladies who sent me messages recently, I haven't been able to message them back as their email isn't enabled:

Dawn - Kootenay Quilter - thank you for your lovely message, I'm so glad you're enjoying my appliqué.

Cityquilter Grace - thank you for your kind words and for stopping by!

Teacups and Stitches - you're right - time for blogging and quilting is hard to come by!

flossypatchedbritches - thank you for the lovely compliments.

Applegate Cottage Quilts - thank you also for the lovely compliments.

Gretchen's Corner - I'm so glad you love the appliqué block.

Marie Christine - Merci beaucoup!

Peggy - don't give up on needle-turn, you'll get there I promise!

I know there are more in my inbox that piled up while I was away, and also some more I haven't been able to respond to, if you haven't heard from me, please know that I appreciate your words very much!

It's on to the quilting machine for me, so I'll chatter soon xox


Tired Teacher said...

How I love those fabrics! They complement each other so well.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a lovely idea. Beautiful colors too. Enjoy the day.


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