Friday, July 10, 2015

Speedy days ...

This week is flying by, it always happens when it's school holidays. Camo and I have been busy shopping - he's had some birthday money to spend - and I've also had a little quiet time to stitch.

Last weekend on Sunday we had a lovely time at the birthday of one of Marty's cousins. I didn't want to arrive empty handed, so I baked brownies (which didn't last the day) and on Saturday I whipped up a quick table runner to take as a gift:

I've almost used up the last of this particular border print now - there is only a skerrick left now. Perhaps enough for a little something for me. I think I've had 12 yards of this fabric pass through my hands. It's so pretty - an oldie but a goodie.

Sylvia has lots of wood tones in her home, and a dark red leather lounge, so this fabric really was the perfect choice. She loved the gift and put the runner into service on the table immediately!

And because you know that I'm addicted to it, I'll share that I'm still hand quilting! In a small area, I'm right out to the edge of the quilt. If pushed, I'd say I'm about a quarter done (and that may be generous).

I have some time to myself over the next couple of days, so I hope to get a LOT more quilting done.

If I'm really good, I'd like to also do a bit of a sort in my closet - it's getting wildly full. I was trying to do a "one in - one out" thing, but I fell off the wagon in a big way. In related news, I tossed out five pairs of shoes on Thursday - shocking I know! I really could so some more of that!

Something fun that happened during the week was a little crochet workshop at Victoria's house on Tuesday. Sweet ladies from my quilting class organised it, and it was really fun. I believe I could grow to like crochet, and I'm thinking it'd be fun to work on a scarf - it seems like it'd work up much faster than knitting. Anyone have a favourite pattern they'd like to share??

Chatter soon!! xox


Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a lovely gift! And, a "skerrick" is a term we don't use much here in the states, but I hope it is a bit more than a "scrid" which is a Maine term for just a small bit. I know how hard it is to use the last bit of a favorite fabric. Your hand quilting is so beautiful, and you are really coming along quickly. I can also relate to need to "clean out". I have been trying to find a rainy day to do just that, but somehow, something always comes up. I tried to stick to "for every one thing that comes in, two go out" rule, but found that I was bringing in ONE 5 yard piece and sending out TWO 5" scrids! Have fun with your tossing and quilting!

Shay said...

You tossed out 5 pairs of shoes - but if I know you they'll be replaced with 10 new pairs !

Your table runner gift is lovely.

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Love your project, and hope you'll get a lot of quilting done :-)


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