Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A spiderweb production line :-)

First up, if you thought I might be tempted by more Christmas Nutcrackers when faced with them at the store, you might be right ...

However when you're faced with a group of them like this ... can't prove anything ... right?? :-)

Ugh, just noticed that my fern needs a little 'greenhouse' time. It's amazing what you pick up in a photo but can ignore in real life!

But back to the quilty component of this post: This past week I have been producing spider-web place-mats at a rate of knots!

Here we have a gratuitous 'while quilting' photo. I have to say that even though I'll never have mad photography skillz, I'm enjoying my new iPhone and the pictures it takes a good deal better than my old one. Though this 6+ is huge in my small hands!

I made three different colourways - these ones are largely reproduction fabrics. The eagle eyed among you will recognise one of the red fabrics from my Farmers Wife quilt.

These ones using some of the Jinny Beyer fat quarters that I won (I think last year) at our guild show.

And these ones using more of the Jinny Beyer fat quarters. Though they scarcely look different from the previous picture, there are subtle differences :-)

All the Jinny Beyer mats have used Jinny Beyer fat quarters as the backing, so I've made a bit of a dent in the pack I received :-)

Here are the mats ready to head off to their new homes. I'll be passing them along today, and only just finished them yesterday - I always manage to cut things close to my self imposed deadlines!

Not sure what I'll work on next, probably get busy on the Di Ford mystery again, but the rest of the week is looking pretty chaotic. I'll check in when I can! xox


Shay said...

Looking fabulous and Im sure the guild ladies will love them!

Kristie said...

Wow! That is a ton of placemats!!! They are beautiful! Love your Nutcrackers too they look really nice grouped together like that.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day!

Frederique said...

They are great!
Want a little more scrpas?
I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?


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