Monday, September 29, 2014

Breakin' out the appliqué ...

Isn't it amazing how fast a weekend can fly by? Saturday was a lovely day, spent with the 'Not the Farmers Wife' stitching group. This time we were hosted by the lovely Loz, and a great time was had by all. I'm always so sketchy with a camera, but I'm sure you'll see pictures around blogland/Facebook from those who were clever enough to take pictures.

I did manage to get a fuzzy picture of Loz's delightful vintage quilts, aren't they stunning?

For the Pinterest aficionados among you, you may recognise the pink one there - it is famous on Pinterest, pinned from our dear friend Shay's blog. Some day there will be a pickle dish quilt in my future, I'm sure of it!

And then on Sunday, it was lunch and lounging at my parent's house. It was my Mum's birthday during the week, and though we visited on the actual day, it makes great sense to extend birthday celebrations as long as possible.

All this merriment meant that my stitching time has been limited, but you'll be pleased to know that I've gotten a few things done:

Kath's tree skirt is now quilted, so I just have to cut the opening, and bind it. Her hubby is visiting in the last weekend of the school holidays, so if I'm a really good girl, I will have it ready for him to take home. Fingers crossed!

And because I've been missing it, I've broken out the Di Ford mystery 'Montmellick' so I can catch up with everyone. Here's where I'm at:

Part five has come out in Quilt Mania, so once I've finished with the applique component from part three, I will put the next lot of background fabric in place and get busy with the applique melon shapes. If you're interested in seeing what the next round looks like, you can check out the Quilt Mania magazine website, or check out the Quilts - Di Ford on my Pinterest site. I just love pinning things on Pinterest - such great eye candy and inspiration.

Alrighty - I'm going to get busy working on some more applique while Camo is occupied, and later I'll find something we can do together. I do love school holidays!


Lorraine said...

Lovely to see you Saturday! I know I will never make a pickle dish quilt which is why I bought that one! Loved it at first sight! Don't worry about catching up with everyone with Di's mystery quilt...I will always be lagging behind - I haven't even finished the centre yet.....should have got you to give me some pointers while you were there on Saturday!

Lynette said...

Hey, kudos on getting the skirt quilted already. :) Very fun seeing the applique progress on your medallion project.

Nancy said...

Lovely projects - every one of them.

Glad you were able to celebrate with your Mom on her birthday. Treasure those times and store them in your heart.

quiltygal said...

We do have a good time don't we :) Just caught up with the past few posts oh I love the omigosh I can see why you haven't brought it to show & tell at that weight but congrats at getting all those teeny tiny bits sewn together


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