Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simple Tree Skirt Pattern

A HUGE thank you to all the lovely people who have ordered my Simple Tree Skirt Pattern over the past couple of weeks. There have been so many orders I've been really thrilled (and a little overwhelmed). Because I'm not super tech-savvy, when an order is placed on my website, I manually send the pdf out to my customers, which is great, but not super if someone wants to get sewing immediately.

I just learned that Etsy have an auto download for patterns now, so I've put my pattern over there for those of you looking to do a little power-sewing in the lead up to Christmas. You'll find the link over in my side-bar.

I've also put my Sewing Machine Mat pattern there, as I've had lots of interest in that one too - maybe people are working on Kris Kringle pressies?? Happy sewing my friends! :-)

1 comment:

annieB said...

Did this last year, it was a great pattern.


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