Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lightning speed ...

Wow! My dear friend Lizzy is amazing! I can honestly say I've never heard any urban legends recounting tales of quilts being turned around in 16 hours, but that is exactly how long it took for my quilt to be quilted and back in my hands! Amazing!!

I've taken the blurriest of pictures for your enjoyment:

And believe it or not, I actually cropped the worst of the blurriness out!

For those who enjoy their pictures a little more in focus, a close up:

I'm just thrilled with how it's come out - Lizzy is an amazing quilter, and so fast!! (I'm super lucky that she'd finished up with her Christmas deadline quilting.)

I've already applied the binding, and I'm around one quarter the way through the hand stitching on the reverse side - I used the same fabric that I used in the sashing strips for the binding and it looks really cute.

Also done today, I made up the dough and cut out the templates for this years gingerbread house. Hopefully I'll have some successes tomorrow to share. (Ohhh, and I'll just say this quietly ... It's now the 22nd of December here in Australia, which means 'apocalypse averted' ... Yay!)


Spice said...


It looks great. Congratulations on should a fast turn around.

Happy Holidays!

Nancy said...

An excellent finish all the way around. Nice job!

Louise said...

How pretty and romantic! I love that red/tan/pink combo, with a bit of gray thrown in.

Shay said...

It's gorgeous Tazz! Both you and Lizzie did an amazing job.


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