Saturday, November 24, 2012

Keeping Busy ...

It has been such a busy week for me - kid stuff - family stuff - and trying to keep on top of the chores, which seem to be piling up at an alarming rate. I've been feeling like I'm only getting the 'have to do' stuff done, and not much of the 'fun to do' stuff. So yesterday I was determined to change that.

I did a little baking. I made these cupcakes. And my goodness they're tasty! I will confess that mine don't look much like theirs ... I'm no perfectionist *lol*

I think I must have used larger patty pans than they did, because I didn't end up with the same numbers as their recipe, and I also had to bake a little longer. Despite that, they are still moist and super yummy. And the house smelled divine while they were baking. There is even real vanilla in the icing, though Camo thought I must have gotten dirt in it *lol* I'll definitely put these into the regular rotation.

In fabric news, I have been in love with a fabric collection - and I've wanted it so badly that I could almost taste it. It's the French General Favourites! And I had a few snippets come into my posession this week. Ohhh, I'm in love:

And though my fabric shopping has slowed down a lot, when I do, I've been slipping a reel or two of Aurifil thread in with my purchases. I could be in danger of becoming a thread snob - it's wonderful for piecing, and for quilting too. As I run out of particular colours in my old threads I'm replacing them - not unreasonable? :-)

Last of all, I've been working on some little gifties for people. This is the second of many. You've seen this pattern before, I've used it a lot:

It's fun to practice my quilting on these small pieces. Hopefully I'll get more adventurous as I go along. I'm finding that Pinterest is a wonderful reference to see how people are quilting their projects, and for picking up ideas for filler quilting.

Well, that's it from me, I'm heading back to the sewing machine. Chatter soon xox


mereth said...

It's not baking weather here, too hot yesterday but today might be better. I love your new fabric and I second the Aurifil. I bought a cone of light tan piecing thread, and I love knowing that it will probably last me for years. I've hand appliqued with this thread too, lots of lovely colours to choose from.

Pip said...

Stop it :) I haven't done any baking for a while now, but Christmas is coming along so I just might have to try these cupcakes.

I didn't know about the FG favourites, just might have to go and have a look now, and I love Aurifil thread (also love Wonderfil) - don't feel guilty about slipping a reel or two of thread in, if we didn't have thread we couldn't make anything at all.

Shay said...

I think your cupcakes look wonderful. Ive been toying with the idea of buying some larger icing tips lately so I can make big swirly icing like the cupcakes you see in shops but like you –Im no perfectionist. It all still tastes the same!

Glad you got in some fun time amongst all those chores. Im aiming for some balance today too!

sandra said...

Did you use canned pumpkin or pureed fresh pumpkin? I don't recall seeing canned pumpkin in Aust(not that I've ever looked for it. They sound yummy. Might make them for my mother's80th birthday next weekend. Could even say they are healthy because they have veggies i them!!

Sandra said...

Your quilting on the gifties is exquisite!


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