Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Qld Flood Disaster

I'm finding it just devastating watching all the news of the Queensland flood disaster. My heart breaks for all the families involved, and there are so many. Thank you for the emails I've received from friends around the world uncertain of our geography - I'm fine, fortunate to be in a different state, but I know there are many of our blogging friends in harms way. Heavens I hope they're okay.

Our national newspaper shows us how many lives have been affected, and how quickly:

What can we do to help? Well, right now we can donate. Here is a link to donate via the Queensland Government:

And wonderful bloggers are helping out too, to participate in a fund raising auction, head over this way for info:

Please join me in donating what you can. It really helps. xox

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Pam said...

It is such a disaster and so terrible for all the people involved. Brisbane is such a big city. Looking at the flood pictures reminds me of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the people.


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