Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spiderweb Placemats

Here it is the day after Christmas here in Oz, and instead of finding new homes for our gifts, I'm blogging. Look at me with my fancy collage pictures. I'm like a kid with a new toy!

But seriously, I had quite a number of people asking about the pattern for my spiderweb placemats, and while I was able to answer some personally, there were a number of people I couldn't respond to as their email address hasn't been enabled on comments. So, I decided to make up a quick tutorial:

Pic 1: You'll need four coordinating fabrics - from which you'll cut 2.5" strips (you can use any size you like, but that's what I used). If you're making two placemats, cut two strips from each fabric. If you're making four placemats, cut four strips - you get the idea :-) Make up however many strip sets you need using each of the four fabrics. Makes more sense when you see the second picture.

Pic 2: Using your Kaleidorule (from Marti Michell) cut your first wedge, and then trim off the jaggedy bit on the other side.

Pic 3: Flip your ruler over and cut the opposing wedge. Keep going with this until you've used up the whole strip. You'll likely get your 8 pieces plus 2 extra. If you make four mats, you'll have enough spare pieces to make an extra mat for a table centre :-)

Pic 4: I sew my units into pairs, and I press the seams open. I don't really have a sciency reason that I do this, but I think maybe it helps that final bulky seam go together a little easier. Then sew your pairs into quarters, and the quarters into halves ...

Pic 5: And finally you'll have a completed spiderweb placemat top.

Note: While I use my Kaleidorule template, there may be other products that do the same job, so check your supplies and see what you have. Also, this is not my exclusive pattern (far from it) - it has been shown on other blogs, in books and magazines. No claims to fame here.

I haven't finished making all my spiderwebs yet, so when I'm done I'll check back and show you how I've quilted them, and also the binding. It could be a little while, so please don't hold your breath :-)

Also, I wanted to throw a shout-out to the following commenters who I wasn't able to reply to regarding other posts:

Heidi: How fun that you met Donna at Quilting Corner. You guessed right about her NI friend! I'm hoping to be over in March/April and vacationing with the lovely Donna. The world really is a tiny place!

Allyson: Thank you for stopping by. I don't have the Among the Evergreens pattern out yet, but if you can email me and let me know that you're interested, maybe I can put it on the fast track :-)

Sue K: I think maybe the Baptist Fan tutorial you're looking for is over at Bonnie's blog, or maybe Tonya's. Though I'd love to have the patience, they're not something I've undertaken :-)

Though there have been many more lovely comments from people without their email address enabled - I think that's all for the most recent direct questions. I know it's usually an oversight, but please do check your settings and enable your email, it's truly so helpful! *hugs*


Angie said...

Look at you!! You are such a sweetie to already be posting and sharing a tutorial with us the day after Christmas!! You are such a sweetheart, Tazzie!! Hugs!

FabricandFlowers said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I think I can do it!

schvejka said...

Thanks for the interesting tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I love the placemats...going to have to put them on my to-do list. Heidi didn't tell you, but she brought in the most beautiful Dear Jane quilt, looking for binding. It was a great inspiration to me to keep going, after my first block that Linda helped me with!

Anonymous said...

Hello from California, love reading your blog, you inspire me!! Your house looks wonderful. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Hugs, Karen

Vickie said...

OH Miss T, totally awesome am thinking of making some in easter fabric-your sharing warms me muchly thanks Vickie

Nana Time said...

I am working on a table runner for February and had no idea what to do for placemats and hear it comes right from your blog.... love the idea and new to me spiderweb project! Thanks for sharing.


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