Friday, February 19, 2010

Scarcely Stitching

I haven't had many opportunities to stitch at all this week, but I've made the best of the little time I've had!

Here is my latest Dear Jane block. It's D4 - really quite a cute one. When I look at this block though, it doesn't look much like the block photographed in the book. I made a template of the applique shape from the line drawing, (and I'm being fussy here) but I feel the melon shapes should be a little slimmer. I'll be leaving it like it is however, and can't wait to get busy on some more blocks. I'm really inspired right now.

On Tuesday I did a little shopping while I was at the store. I brought home these little tubbies, some of which are from the Dear Jane range of fabrics. They'll be wonderful in my Nearly Insane quilt. I really love the yellow, and it'll be so useful as I don't have much yellow in my stash at all. I also stocked up on a little freezer paper - I'm really using it up right now.

And on Monday, my family may well have thought they were hallucinating. I baked!! Here you see the Banana Bread I made. I also made an Apricot Pie. That didn't last very long - so there is no picture. I've been inspired to cook lately as I've been watching Martha Stewart shows regularly. She made a pie on a recent show, and she made the pastry look so easy - I have to admit that being a novice pie maker I didn't have quite the same experience, but it was delicious all the same.

Last week I also made a Meatloaf recipe from her website - and it was declared delicious by the family. Amy has requested it for dinner again tonight - I hope I can make it as nicely once again!


ria vogelzang said...

Your pie looks quite tasty!!! I whish I had the same enthousiasm as you..... but I'm not such a talented cook...!
Love your fabrics! That's more my "piece a cake"...... ;))!

Susan said...

Your block is so well made. I like the applique melons. They seem just right to me.

Watch out for that baking though. It gets to be addictive. I am baking more now than ever in my life before.

Judy L at Patchwork Times has a great sweet and sour meatloaf recipe

Lori said...

I use Martha's pie crust recipe where you chop the butter up and freeze it, then throw it in the food processor. Works really slick. I also use a muslin pastry cloth and a cover on my rolling pin. You can just pick up the edge of the cloth and "roll" the pie crust about half way, fold the fabric back and put the pie plate next to the half rolled up dough, lift it carefully in and roll it back out.

Sue said...

Tara I love you - well I think I do. I was scrolling like you do for the Farmer Wife Sampler of which I have made 3 blocks, and found your Dear Jane of which I have also made 3 blocks ( 10 months ago). Now I am all excited after seeing yours to get back and do some more.
Thanks for the great eye candy VBG!


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