Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blocks almost finished.

Things have been quiet on the blog front here. I've been super busy trying to get all the quilting done before the kids are on school holidays. There are three weeks to go, and I'm pretty sure I'm running on schedule :-)

I've done a little piecing though, I've made the blocks in the picture toward the Turning Four-T quilt. I only have three left to make, and they're almost finished too.

I'm not mad about the way the ones on the right turned out - love the fabrics, but not mad on the way they've come together in this particular block. I just don't have enough conversationals to make them up again, so the blocks will be used. I've chosen the fabric for the sashing strips, but not the cornerstones just yet. I'll keep you posted.

Please hold us in your thoughts tomorrow. We have a forecast of 43c (109f). It's been declared an extreme fire danger day, so I'll be hoping and praying that there are no fires.

I'll sign off here - need to do some laundry and hope to find a couple of minutes spare for the sewing room. Chatter soon :-)


paulette said...

Now that's hot!! Your quilt is looking hot too! You Sew girl!

Trudi said...

Wow that's hot! Quilt blocks look fab, as does the new look on the blog!

mereth said...

Yesterday and today were Catastrophic Fire Danger days, and the schools closed here. We're supposed to get 44 today- I'm sick of summer and it's still Spring!
Those blocks will probably blend in when the top is together, don't judge them on their own just yet. Stay cool!

heftyquilter said...

oh tas, 43c thats shocking for down your way, i dread to think what its gonna be up here in queensland if thats the temp in tassie. be safe, xo heftyquilter

Lori in South Dakota said...

please stay cool and safe. last night when I walked the dog it was 32F, and I could see my breath. sigh I hate cold weather!! Can you ship a little warmth my way, and I'll ship some of the cool your way? We could share!

Linda from San Jose! said...

Hi Tazzie! one big hello to you! It is funny to read your note about Nearly Insane- I picked up that book and almost bought it last week. I wish so very close! Can't wait to see your blocks.

Clare said...

So that was written 5 days ago and I've since heard on the radio that you are on Fire Danger so hope all is ok.



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