Saturday, November 24, 2007

Maureen's Quilt

Marty and I have done our civic duty this morning. We voted in the federal election. I think a lot of people had the same idea we did - get it done early and the rest of the day is ours.

We have a BBQ at 4.30pm - so I plan to spend this afternoon tinkering with my webpage, and tomorrow I'll have the day to myself to start quilting on Maureen's lovely quilt.

It's a Susan Murphy design - I'm pretty sure it's called Formal Garden. I'm just enchanted with it. It could take a while to quilt, I'd like to have it done by Wednesday, but that may be pushing it a little. I'll see how far I get.

I would also like to get the templates made up for my next magazine quilt. I've got yet another scrappy quilt planned, and this time I'm doing some curved piecing. I'm feeling very brave about it, I haven't done anything much with curves. I'll share a picture when I've started actually working on it :-)

Also, I'm a little behind on emails right now - I haven't forgotten you all. I hope all our US friends have had a wonderful Thanksgiving - and have a great weekend everyone! x o x


Anonymous said...

Are you doing all your customer quilting on a regular home machine? Your arm muscles must be strong by now!! Full size quilts on a home machine are definitely strenuous work :)

loulee said...

Wow, that looks very bright and colourful.

Unknown said...

I looks a lovely pattern - I think a big responsibility but a treat to have the opportunity to quilt it

julieQ said...

Lovely quilt. Enjoy the quilting of it. I see on your sidebar you do flylady too, i try to flutter along myself. Have a wonderful day!!


Kim said...

Hi Tazzie! I'm even MORE behind than you are in reading blogs, but I thought I'd take a break from cleaning and decorating and try to catch up on a few of my favorites. You've been doing some lovely work--as usual! I'm so sorry to hear about Madaline! I have an older cat and I know her time is coming, but to lose one at that age is heartbreaking. Take care of yourself and enjoy your weekend!

Rose Johnston said...

That is a gorgeous quilt Tazzie, cant wait to see how u quilt it!!!.....we voted just after lunch and everyone else must have decided to avoid the morning rush and come later lol

Knitted Gems said...

What a beautiful quilt top! I can't wait to see how you quilt it. I know I'd be too terrified to touch it.

QuiltMom said...

What a gorgeous quilt Tazzie-
it is just so elegant and rich looking. I am sure that you will quilt it to be even more beautiful if that is possible.

Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,


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